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B i o g r a p h y

(by Jason )

inpast live lyrics, , in 1993, Low were the of the so- “” bands — , , and , the trio's music rose above a , its in the open by the of sound. the -and-wife team of / Alan and / Mimi along with John , Low began as an to the of . and Disc soon the group to at his Noise N.J. , and the demos them a deal with the – Yard label.

After the with , Low with their 1994 debut,I Could Live in Hopepast live lyrics, a set the trio's — even 's drum set of only a snare and a hi-hat。 the group prior to 1995's Long , with new Zak Sally。 A on the Joy A Means to an End was later into the year's EP, a five-track set also a of Dicks' “Jack Smith。

” With new Steve Fisk the ,Low later in 1996 with The Hits the Cast。 The Songs for a Dead Pilot EP in 1997 and Low's debut with their new labelpast live lyrics,,for whom they also the Name in 1999。 The late '90s also saw them issue Owl (Low ) and the mini-albumpast live lyrics|Low Lyrics, Photos, Pictures, Paroles,which a cover of ” Boy” that a minor hit when it was in The Gap's in 2000。

The band's We Lost in the Fire on in 2001i don’t wanna live forever, with the , more Trust the year. Two years later, the B-sides/rare A of on Low's own Music . For their full- album, 2005's The Great , Low moved to Sub Pop; the leg of the group's tour in of the album had to be after he was in for . By 2007 he was well to to work, and the group its LP for Sub Pop, the Drums and Guns; had also a side , the Choir, whose debut album in 2008.

in 2011, C'mon the debut of Steve , while the band also its by with Matt ,who had with pop acts such as Katy Perry and Avril . In 2013past live lyrics, Low's 20th year, the group The Way, which from Wilco's Jeff . Low with a new album,Ones and Sixes3010 live, in 2015, which the band in with BJ ; Glenn of Wilco was a guest on the .

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