past live lyrics|Love Live! The School Idol Movie

put Love Live's final off for weeks after weeks, of the end of the ,nowpast live lyrics, after the to watch it, I am left with the that Love Live may be the best idol .

It's how far the has come over the past years. I'm not sure most much about it when the first aired, other than that it was your idol show with some cute girls and some cool tunes. But after the of the , and now with the movie what it…is that makes the so for so many , Love Live has as one of the most in the anime and -day .

It would be to claim that all Love Live has going for it is its , . It at being more than just a fun idol show. Even if it may have a few minor ,as all anime dopast live lyrics, and even with the large layer of some of its , Love Live is a truly heart- and anime, and I am very sad to see it end.

Love Live's movie is to the K-ON movie in many ways, in its , as the trip to New York only a of the film's time。 And, , it is for the that way。 If all we saw were the girls of Muse fun and in New York City, it's it would feel like a mere spin-off than a in the story and the 。 Love Live does the story– it does give you to care about,as it is not only an end for the girlspast live lyrics, but also for the fans, as it is we will ever see these again, at least in the form。

And that's hard to at times; there was a in my that I don't often get from anime。 But this is the way it be。 I'd be more than happy to see the girls their idol past high , but it was the right time for this to end。 It is an I can be with, even if I do not want it to be over。 And I don't。

While the TV had a I wasn't too big on ( ), none of them felt or out-of-place here. They have all done to earn their place… , , I would not if my Nico were to hog all the -time . It was to pay to what was going on since I would often start like a crazy Nico . I hadn't seen my Nico in form for a year and a half, so it could not be . I was also a bit at how damn was; it I may have been blind and deaf when I was the TV .

A great job is done at New York City feel alive and , with real upon and with their say. and the rest with their ( mii!) in a to with , is, , . By the way, I have no idea how the hell that one girl knew they were at first sight. Even I, seen a whole heck of a lot of in my , have some a apart from, say,a one. I'll just Lady is than me!

It seems Love Live likes to with the idea of being apast live lyrics|Love Live! The School Idol Movie, too, since the will bust out their dance moves all in the of the city, and along and all. It adds some… uh, life and to the story, even if I would they find a less silly to their . Love Live is not to be a of , and that's just fine. Who needs , ?

The can be a bit ( and at the end, she “can fly!”, yay!), but this isn't to be a big deal. If ,it'll just make you laugh a bit. I don't all to be andlive show đan trườngvuive live, Love Live is a big with big , for young girls who enjoy that sort of thing. I don't feel that away from them. Love Live is fine as it is.

past live lyrics

The songs are great and their well- ( at the very end with Nic– with Muse and their feet along), but my one is that the movie still uses some CG these . The CG doesn't look bad, not by any means, nor does it feel out-of-place ( when with rival shows such as ), but it would have been nice if fluid 2D were used all the time , than most of the time. The could have gone all-out here, but they chose not to, of and other -y . the movie looks good, than , which is I'm still OK with.

It is also worth that, a of anime, Love Live knows how to time its music in a way that feels – yet not . It doesn't go , but it does still make an , the key of the track as it pans over the girls and their in the club room, than at the top of their lungs as most anime have a with. I don't think most will tear up these , but it is quite hard not to have at least some sort of . Love Live knows knows how to to its when it wants to.

There are also a few that add to the feel, like a young to -day 's foot off the . These aren't that are to cross your mind as you watch, but they do add up and give the more of an and a punch. It's clear the to set the off on a stage than it on.

The Love Live movie is a hell of a time, and is the most fun I have had with an anime since . I came in more than to see more of my Nico doing her thing and being the lady that she is, and while there was a of that,there's far more herepast live lyrics, too. Love Live to end on a happy note than a sad one, and it did a job at doing so. I've had a lot of fun with you, Love Live, and while I don't know if I can let go, I can at least say .

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