one life live them|2012年大陆独立写作题目

2012年1月14日All be to take every five years to their .

2012年2月5日Some think we our , even if the are . But other think that we focus on goals. Which do you agree?

2012年2月11日Agree or , ’s is born by and can’t be by , agree or .

2012年2月17日Some buy new ; them when they are well-. which do you ?

2012年2月24日Agree or , who ’ as a team.

2012年2月25日Can two be good if one has more money than the other?

2012年2月4日Are the who try to find new ways to solve more than those who the ?

2012年3月10日If you need to and with , you will use email or text , or or voice .

2012年3月18日There is never a good to be or rude to , what do you think?

2012年3月24日Agree or , if want their to well inone life live themone life live themlive nadal vs djokovic,they limit the hours that their spend TV.

2012年4月14日Agree or , a job with more time is than a job with high but less time.

2012年4月22日 focus more on new or good ?

2012年4月28日 know about world even if they have on their daily lives.

2012年5月12日Agree or , it is to a whose have good job than a who has .

2012年5月20日Agree or , the way of a ’s dress is an of his or her or ?

2012年5月26日Agree or , in the past had more on the youth than at .

2012年6月9日Do you agree or ? It is often not a good thing for to move to a new town or a new they will lose their .

2012年6月17日Which of the do you agree with? help to do their work or they to do their work .

2012年6月30日The best way to learn about a is to read the and of that .

2012年7月14日Agree or , it is for your to ask you for help ( you are good at the ) than to turn to a tutor when he finds it hard to pass an .

2012年7月15日It is for the to money on , not just for that are .

2012年7月22日 can take care of their when they live in big than in the .

2012年7月28日Some jobs pay a high to but them live far away from their and . Some jobs pay low but allow to be their and . Which job do ? And why?

2012年8月19日Agree or , car has had a on the than the .

2012年8月26日Agree or , the of , such as and , are more to than to older .

2012年8月26日 allow to make and let them learn from their own .

2012年9月2日Do you agree or with the : with have on ?

2012年9月8日Do you agree or with the ? The from the is of no use to their the world has a lot over the past 50 years.

2012年9月16日Do you agree or with the : The most for a big is to the and of its .

2012年9月20日Do you agree or with the ? are more in today than ?

2012年9月22日Do you agree or with the . and will to , the most for the of ’s lives have taken place.

2012年9月23日Do you agree or : In order to in a new job, the to adapt or to a or is more than of the job.

2012年10月13日Do you agree or with the :one life live themone life live themone life live them|2012年大陆独立写作题目phần mềm live stream game,it’s much to from one’s than it was in the past.

2012年10月19日Do you agree or with the ? a does on his/her own is as as, or even more than a does it is by .

2012年10月27日Do you agree or with the ? The most our today could be our .Use to your .

2012年10月28日Do you agree or with the ? and share all of their with the rest of the world.

2012年11月2日Out of the three , which one would you to in order to your ? 1)The kind of food you eat 2)The of 3)The of in your life.

2012年11月10日Do you agree or with the ? It is the best way for to make more in a by to them that this will help them in their life of the .

2012年11月18日Do you agree or with the : The main role of a is to than to do .

2012年11月24日It is to an than it was in the past.

2012年12月2日Do you agree or with the ? and have more on the young than .

2012年12月8日 is not a good . We take now than later.

2012年12月22日A who is is much than a fiend with a good sense of humor.

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