on sport live|’Outstanding’ Man City star sends Leeds

Kevin De has sent a to Leeds ahead of City's trip to Road on from the World Cup in '' form, to Pep . De two for City as they 3-2 in the Cup last-16 on ; their first game since the of the .

The 31-year-old was for his the World Cup, as he and his were in the group . And De has felt he has a point to prove his in Qatar,just 10 to his with .

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Time after time he was his in space the area with world classon sport livecách live game trên tiktok bằng điện thoại, and he also out Ake to head home the . Leeds will have to be on red alert his from wide areas City, which has been a major so far this .

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after the win over Klopp's side, that De has been from the he to with City, and the of the World Cup will spur him on for the of the .

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Via MEN, he said: “He , the first he was back I was not here but I was told it was , the game was and today he was .

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“Kevin has had eight years here, you know him like me,he just has to find the right fire ofon sport live|’Outstanding’ Man City star sends Leeds, just to be a bit, I would say or upset to play his best. That is his of him. When this , what a , run,fighton sport live, , score a goal,he is more than a .

“I know it is not easy to find every three days this but today he has that says I am going to iton sport live,I want to fight. When this it is Mr Kevin Deon sport live, what can I say, eight years he has done for this club, an ,he will be as one of themany people decide to live in a small, , of this club.”


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