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faces West Ham in a match at inon sport live, , on , Dec. 26,2022 (12/26/22).


Fans can watch the match via a free trial ofdate a live opening 1, or on Sling TV (Blue ). These carry USA .

Here’s what you need to know:


Who: vs. West Ham

When: , Dec. 26, 2022

Time: 3 p.m. ET



: Fios, , /, /,Cox, ,Dishon sport live,Hulu,, Sling.

Live : (free trial), (free trial),Sling TV (Blue )


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on sport live|Arsenal vs, the of ’s , to The Press about his talks with and the heads of FIFA and UEFA about a safe way of men’s and women’s on home soil.

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“I spoke with our , , about how is to ,” said in an with the AP, by and a board in the team room in . “From the to the old , is on the war. Every day they about ,about the of the war.

“We spoke about how has a very big power to help think about the nowon sport live, of , are not in a good . They’re in the worst mood. We spoke about how it would be that could help us to think about the .”

That is a with being able to take to the field again in to of joy.

“So we took the with the that we would the in ,” said a . “In we will play on every level. So the , and the first and , and women’s .

“At all we will start in . The was taken with the of .”

met for to see the World Cup win over on . then went on to see FIFA in Paris and UEFA Č in , .

“I them that we will the in the war time in … under the bombs and we count on their ,” said. “We are the .”

The men from 18 to 60 from to keep them for war , have been to play for teams, and has flown to key . But he did live to the UEFA in last month via his phone from a in that had been by , to show the .

It is not yet clear which parts of the will be used for .

“We will speak with our board and the to how to it ,” added.

was the when the was in and then over in April, it a place in the group stage of the next .

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