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Unai Emery his must feel “proud” to Aston Villa given the club's and lofty , by and Wes Edens.

The 51-year-old took over from in and has spent two in the hot seat the 's in . Villa were close to the three Emery at the club, but he to win both of his .

Only three now Villa from ahead of a tough run of in quick on Day,on New Year's Day and on 4. Emery wants his to for wins that will keep the club reach of at least a in the top half come May.

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“I think we are in an clubon sport live,the is a bigon sport live,” Emery told : “The , here now, the , the ,thescj live on,we are so in here to do our work the best and that we are so to be here.

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“That is my first to theon sport live|’Amazing’live worksheet,we have to be every day and be very proud of being here. We have a big to react as best as .”

A few weeks after at Heathon sport live,Emery told MARCA: “I had the first with the of the clubon sport live, the and he spoke to me in the first , but with the of his Edens (Owner of the Bucks) .

“He told me about an Aston Villa , of , of now and of what he to build and of what he had seen in me. Of what I was of doing.

“He me. He is an man of his word and has the of the that I have as a coach. He also had the of his and of and Johan, who are for the day to day.

“As a coach I need a that looks me in the eye and for the coach that I am.”

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