next live|Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit

I have read many books and to many audio books about ,and anti – aging。 This one is by far the best the about 。 Lots of books write about the on of 。 Next Year goes this by the ofv567v live,, and , fat vs。 sugar, why a heart rate is for any kind of ,how to use a heart ratenext live, how to test your ,an for and one for the fitnext livenext live,to avoid innext live,the of your heart rate zonesnext live|Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, how often to do what kind of , the risks with and above 80 % of your heart rate per , the of ,, etc。

for good and for next year are very 。 The and on is not only for aged and old who want to from but also for young even for and of 。 it is based on a of the of 。 in my a lot of in wrong ways for short term gains at the of their long term 。

I came many who don’t know many of the in Next Year about and 。 They too have a lot to learn from this book / audio book。 A very large of the book is to from the 。

The other to be next year to the book are , and and by in , your loved ones,, ,care of your by less than your and the etc. They are all and . does not mean . to the diets don’t work. All you need to do is to stop crap.

next live

All these are in the by two co – : Chris a 70 year old ( oops ! 70 year young ) guy and Henry S. Lodge MDkèo live pk 18+, Chris’s who is an on the of and . They take turns to speak so the does not have to to the same voice the audio book and get bored. Chris gives a lot of real life cases in a and way . He uses very . So does Henry. You enjoy while a lot by to these from the . I to it over and over again.

next live

You don’t have to be unfit to from Next Year. You may and that you are and to a large . I that my was 80 % . I the 20 % by to do low and in my heart rate zones. I also to buy a heart rate and am one. The of my was by this book. , I need to work more on my and .

This is a book / audio book that be read / to once every few weeks to stay on the right track. I it to of all ages. I also the web site […] by the same , it is also very good. You may want to take a look at that too.

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