my grandparents live in the suburb|9篇英语小作文 作业 急啊~~~~~~~~


Maybe the last water is our tears

As we know water is made up of our life,we could not leave water.No water will no we.

Water is more and more, our and fast. water are scare,and some are no water in them.But just water is ,more waste water did not and into river.

us there are a lot of don’t pay to save water,for : after they their face and the mouth,they don’t turn off the water tap .Let the water day and night. What a pity!

the tings I just ,there are more and more in our life.So now I hope our take care of wate.And the same time we need do to water as we can do .That’s what I want to say.Why not do it right now,come on .

【2My 】

The in our is very . It’s warm in , hot in and cold in .

My is , it’s warm in and . It’s often cold in . It’s . The other is the days are short and the are long. The sun rises late and sets early. I can do my in the .

is a . I can make great in . I like the , and you?

【3My day】

Hi,I’m xxx. I’m 13 years old and I study in xxx . My is …Every I get up at seven and have . And then I go to at half past seven. begin at eight o’clock. We have four in the and is my . We have 10 ‘s break two and at about 12 o’clock we our . I have lunch at at .I like lunch and I have rice with meat and . After lunch I often talk with my or play with them. In the start at half past one and at four o’clock. I play games after with my and then go home at half past four. In the I do my and then watch TV. At ten o’clock I go to bed. It’s a busy day but I like it.

【4My 】

I want to be a when I to my . I think I can be a when I grow up. I can help many learn well. I can play with my , too. So we are good . I want to be a when I see many save their . To be a is great. I think I can be a when I grow up. Then I can help many out of . I will be the girl in the world. I want to be a when I watch TV every . We can get lots of from them. They make the world and also make us happy. I would like to be a when I grow up. And I can learn a lot about China and the other the world. I can meet many as well. I have lots of . I think my can come true one day, there’s an old “where there is a will, there is a way.”

【5The 】

is the most in China .It’s to the lunar ‘s new year .In the the , get and have a big meal .In many like to set off . are the most food . like the very much , they can have food and wear new .They can also get some money from their . This money is given to for good luck . put New Year on the wall for good .

The lasts about 15 days long . visit and with the words “Have all your ”. enjoy the , this time they can have a good rest .

春节前: in Today, I went with my , , aunts, , and . It was a rare we only get few times in a year as a big . On the way to the mall, we the lion dance. , we had an day.


OK, let me tell you about my .

I am going to do many and be very busy on the . So I do my on

In the , I am going to do with my . I am a good girl, I am at home. On , I am going to visit my with my . In the , we are going to the park . there is a kite show. And my likes kites.

I think, we can see many kites there. And we are going to buy some kites, too. From .

Then, we are going to fly the new kites, that’s fun. In the , we are going to have a big . We are going to have fish for . my likes fish. And my cooks fish well. After , we are going to watch TV . We are going to be very happy.

This is my happy . I like my very much. What about your ? Can you tell me?


The goal of my life is a happy and life.

What I want is a life not a one. what my job or me are which I must them , and they are so and ,but I have to do.So after a day’s work, I want to have a break and do some which would me and a life. It is so like that, I have a with my some funny and , or I sit on grass with who I loved at the sky and the of the stars. It is , but very and .

I also want to spend on my ,such as table ,, and so forth.I like very much and I it will me all my life.What I from are not only speed, and skill but also , and so on. could give me a and body and a life.

The goals of my life are just as above,and they will be by all my life.

【8】 Is a Good Hobby With of and , new comes every day. If you stop even for a day,you will be lost. is a good way to help you keep in touch with the world. Read and you’ll be rich in . is also a good way to relax . You can get a lot of fun in the books. A good book is a good to you when you are . So long as you have a good book at hand, you’ll never feel . Every book will open a new world you.


I often go to see my and my .They are both years old and live in the . view of the is very . I can do many there. I am used to up early in the the fresh to the birds and the green trees red and the river. I like with my .

When night comes I sit under the tree with my to her me many funny . And I tell her some new in the city. When I have to go backI am to go. I feel happy in the .


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