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mulan live action

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“Mulan”, ’s live- of its , will drop on Plus on 4 in North , ’s CEO Bob was by US media as on ,4th .

, in , epic war drama film will on , keeps shut much of the US.The film will be in most Plus , the US, , , New , and a of in . The price is $29.99 in the US and will vary in other . For which do not have + plans such as China, the film will in in .

’s CEO Bob said: “We see this as an to bring this film to a broad to go to movie , while also the value and of a ,” In , he also added , the price would help to ” some of that ” in a ” ” movie.

Hua Mulan:A

mulan live action

Hua Mulan was a from the and of , in the of Mulan. In the , Hua Mulan, as a man, takes her aged ‘s place in the army. Mulan for years and high merit, but she any and to her .

The of of Mulan is in the Wei, a later has her the of the Tang c. 620. In 621, the of the Tang over Wang and Dou . The sired Dou , who Mulan’s in the Sui Tang .

The story of Hua Mulan has a of and stage . The Hua Mulan on Venus is named after her.

of Hua Mulan

of “Mulan”Video: 1905

As one of the most in , the story of Hua Mulan had been into many forms like stage play, film, TV .

Stage play

Mulan Joins the Army(1917) : Mei

The of (2013 dance ) by the Hong Kong Dance


Hua Mulan Joins the Army (1927 film) – a film by Film and by Li .

Mulan Joins the Army (1928 film) – Film , by Hou Yao. The film was , in part due to the film that was the year.

Mulan Joins the Army (1939 film) ( title Hua Mu Lan), on with – film made the Sino- War, by Bu and by . The film also a large spark of , in terms of .

Lady Hua Mu-lan (1964 film) – Hong Kong opera film.

Saga of Mulan (1994 film) – Film of the opera based on the .

The of Mulan – A 1998 film by Hong Ying , in which the are .

Mulan (1998 film) – , and the basis of many works. ‘s of the Mulan has in other media and , as part of the line.

Mulan II (2004 film) – A -to-video , set a of after the of ‘s 1998 film.

Mulan (2020 film) – Live film from that is a of the 1998 film, which is meant to the tale.


A Tough Side of a Lady (1998 film) – Hong Kong TVB drama of Mulan Chan as Hua Mulan.

The of Hua Mulan (2013) – CCTV . It of forty-nine .

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