Most British people who live in poverty

More are in in the U.K. than non- ones for the first time, to a new .

As news that the U.K. plans to award an 11 pay rise, group the that just over half of the 13 in — some 6.7 — live in a with at least one adult, an of 500,000 on last year.

On top of that,6.3 in a with an out-of-work or adult live in – which is as £220 ($360) per weekpeople who live innadal live, the .

,Ipsapeople who live in, who is for MPs pay, plans to award a £7,600 ($12,426) riseparty snsd live, their pay to £74,000.

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The and is in sharp to the of the . Last week, the U.K.'s an in his . the party has been that there is a “cost of “.

The JRF , by the New , said had a ” and ” fall in their .

Among those in work, the paid below the so- ” wage” – which is set at £7.40 per hour and as the an needs to cover the basic cost of – rose from 4.6 to five in 2012. Half of in have an adult paid below the wage.

have by 8 since their 2008 peak. As a , 2 have that while above today's line, would have been below the line in 2008.

“Hard work is not . We have a that lacks pay and , with jobs and wages that are to make ends meet,” Julia Unwin,chief of JRFpeople who live in, said in a .

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“While a may be in the and ,for those at thepeople who live in, pay and a .”

The did some . is at its level for 30 years, to 14 in 2011/12,while the job is and is .

” to theMost British people who live in poverty, work the best route out – in are three times more to be in than those in ,” a for Work and said in a .

“Our are to work and the lives of some of the in our .”

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