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A collage of awards, including the Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award

, ! (:

If you very, very , you just might hear the sound of an in .

That’s it’s one of the times of year for the stars and all those in their orbit – .

The first few of the new year see a slew of , as the best of the year’s TV, film and music are .

You will want to know all the -a fter all, you ’t want to miss this year’s of Will Smith’s slap or other pop , like wild on stage, red looks and akin to the La La Land/ .

They keep us , so here’s the low down of 2023…

When are the ?

The kick off each year, in the first few weeks of .

2022 had to do the , as the more high- was with an -less after the Press (HFPA) were for their lack of .

Richard Madden

The haven’t had a full in some years, due to Covid and a to their lack of (: Steve /,)

from their , this year’s to be and than ever – back in the hotel and with stars Ana de Armas and Billy on hand to .

this year , who her first nod for her Black song, , Elvis and Top Gun: .


When are the ?

Not one of the most award , but the are often at as an of how the will go.

The of the go on to win the same at the . In 2022, the of the who’d go on to win the same at the :

This year, the ’s will be held where it has been for many years in the past, the Plaza Hotel. The , 15 at 7pm Time.

The will be by .

this year the likes of Glass Onion, Elvis, and , All At Once for Best .

Michelle Yeoh, Viola Davis and Cate Blanchett

There are of big names for this year (: Getty)

(Elvis), Paul () and Tom (Top Gun) are some of the men for Best Actor while Yeoh ( All at Once), Viola Davis (Woman King) and Cate (Tar) are among the Best .

The full list of can be found .


When are the ?

The film stars aren’t the only ones – the are the first major music show of the year.

This year,leads the – and her noms now tie Jay-Z for the most ever. Talk about a power !


now ties Jay Z as the most in (: Kevin /Getty for The )

The will take place live from the Arena in Los . The show will be live on the CBS and live and on- on +.

Noah will mark his third time lucky as host of themet gala 2021 live stream, to MC the after doing the same in 2021 and 2022.


When are the Brits?

So far, all of the is on the other side of the . But for the Brits, in an of comes in the form of the Brits.

The event will take place on ,11met gala 2021 live stream|When are the Oscars,live from ’s O2 arenamet gala 2021 live stream, and on ITV and ITVX. This marks the 30th year ITV will show the .

The Brits the best of music, with out for too.

It’s often one of the most award shows, with past being off stage by her cape, Geri ’s union jack dress,‘’met gala 2021 live stream, and Liam to a fight.

for this year will be on ,12.

Brits key

When are the ?

The of Film and (BAFTA) the best in tv and film.

This year’s will an first – for the first timelive stream bằng xsplit, the will in a live to the final four , at home to be part of the as it .

Lashana Lynch

The are one to watch – last year’s star Lynch has had a year,ingo go live, and Bond (: Tang/)

The won’t be until 19, but the is . A host for the has yet to be .


When are the SAG ?

show which might not be as as the , but the Guild (SAG) have been one of the major in since 1995 and are well by stars of and film.

Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston

The SAG might not be as well known as the , but they A- like and (: John /Getty for )

Like the , the SAG are a good of how the might go at the and the Emmys.

The for the 29th Guild are on , 11.

SAG key

When are the ?

The . The ( known as the ) still holds the most among the award shows and caps off the .

Academy Award statuettes

The Oscar is one of the most in (: Getty)

It out the names in and the best in – and they often some of the pop of the year.

Last year, the 2022 saw Apple TV+’s CODA the first film by a to win Best and its star, Troy , the first deaf man to an Oscar.

West Side Story’s the first queer woman of to win Best ; and, Best Actor, Will Smith the of the year when he Chris Rock.

Sorry, this video isn’t any more.

Who knows what 2023 has in store?

Jimmy will host this year’s for the third time,in 2018 and 2019.

It was his first stint that and Faye La La Land as the Best . Not to jinx it…

The will take place on March 12 at their usual homemet gala 2021 live stream, the Dolby at the & ( it’s had a , now named ).

aren’t until 24.


When are the ?

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie took home an for in 2022 (: Jeff /Getty for SOLT)

There’s of on the , but what about those who tread the ?

The world has two key award every year, with the .

Named after one of the UK’s , Sir , they the best of West End over the past years.

The Award is a cast of Vat the Old Vic in 1937, and the is by the of . They aren’t or – weigh 1.6 !

have yet to be .

Key Award

When are the Tonys?

The event of the is the Tony , all .

This year, the will be on May 2 with the place on June 11.

The first part of the event will be on Plus, the of the will be live on CBS for those in the . A UK hasn’t been yet.

The Tony key

When are the Emmys?

The Emmys are the only major TV and film award which from the .

They don’t take place until later in the year, and this year’s Emmy will be on July 12, 2023.

The 75th Emmy will that June 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023.

Emmys key

When is the Met Gala 2023?

Anna Wintour

The Met Gala is Anna ’s baby (: Noam Galai/GC )

Okay, okay – not an show but most one of the most , and oh-so days of the year.

The Met Gala is by Anna , who picks the theme and hosts the star- event to raise funds for New York’s of Art .

The 2023 Met Gala theme will be ‘Karl : A Line of ’ to the late .

The event will take place on May 1, 2023, which is, as , the first in May.


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Metro our , on , and .

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