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maria date a live

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# 05-10.09.2021


by the Boeri and his dream team of co-, 425 , 170 young and 39 , for a total 1,900 on , the “” are: , and . Plus a brand-new to its new real and .

From 5th to 10th , more than 1,900 (from , self- and young 2020/2021 ), will bring the first four of the Milan Rho (68,520mq ) to life with a that over (, , , , and ), a of films shown in with the Film , four Food by and nine of the of and a large , to under score the of , with new and draw in and . Also, and , , to fire up the of the par : Milan.

That, in , is “” – the much- del . event to its Boeri and an group of co- – , Maria , Koivu, Lukas , Marco and Elisa of , and Donà, co- and of Boeri .

maria date a live

“” will bring and the very best , and by an over the last 18 , also to the , in an for and a of for the and . of this and of its value is the of high- and over they ears – first and Italy’s , –who have been to the fact that the is one of the of the , to the that it to set up , the city and the .

The del . will him with a of the the first of the (1961) in a frame by the duo and made by the young / Moor and the – Gigi and Viganó using the wood from pine trees that came down in the Vaia storm in .

maria date a live

maria date a live


deal of has gone into this “”,along with a huge sense of , given the of the and of , and the alike. We have and to the with the of the Covid-19 and, in , to the of the at the fair, the for (the use of masks and is )and to and flows.

body will be in place for all to “” and Green or the EU COVID , must be , both tools for safe in a .

of (even 15 days of the first ) or of full from the virus ( the last six ) or proof of a ( /rapid) test taken less than 48 hours will be . For not in of EU COVID , green by area with or proof of a taken less than 48 hours will be valid for entry.

Four rapid (Porta Est/East Gate,/South Gatenguyễn phương hằng live, Porta Ovest /West Gate and Cargo 1) are for those to take a rapid test 22 euros. With these , the del . has laid down the bases, and , to that the first great trade fair event will be open to as many as .

maria date a live

maria date a live

major theme under “” is the of and the issue of reuse, and . This in terms of not just to the same level of as the , but also to for “ and more .” As part of the for the event,has been given to hire and reusemaria date a live, in order to waste as much as . The to the have been to allow the to stand out, while the use of to a .

All the and of the by – long sets for the goods – and by Boeri – the areas: food , , –have been using a of (1,230mc), made from 100% wood,which will then back into the cycle with a view tomaria date a live|The Ultimate Guide of supersalone 2021!, 553,500 of CO2 from being into the .

has been to and : the have no loose and will be fully ; the areas, the and the have all been “dry” and can also be and used times and in . As the – , Food and sets – we opted for hired , for the of the .

maria date a live

maria date a live

maria date a live

up the sets for are and are part of a of ,Ytong : oncemaria date a livemaria date a live, all the will be back into the cycle.

Not all used in the will be or , so that they can be more and, in a bid to avoid ,“” will not be or in paper form. The will use only and . The areas will also the use of , in of 100% PET.

the green of “”, some of the 200 trees by the del . to ,will be at the Porta Est/East Gate , and some the . They will then be in Milan’s Parco Nord, to one of the Metro City of Milan’s “”.

Given the to “”,the new . will have a role to playmaria date a live,the DNA of the event and thelol live, the on to be (by means of QR codes at the fair) and for later , the to be , the live of to from in the world, and the and of the of the event to be heard live.

The and of the will for and and for and and allow and to come in an .

make up the “”. The event will draw on the power of in order to be a hub of and cross-, a place and a of new .

to this are:

, as per well- being at this event, the del will the of the Rho to and its deep ties with Milan and, in the of to the and of ideas, and , will be with , which will be / la Città, an by the at the for the del . and Mario .The the held by the over the years in the city, which have to its of fans. A that draws on the of and the del ..

More about :

Date: From 5th to 10th

:Rho Milan

Time:From 10am to 7pm

(: 10am to 4pm)

Open to the every day

: can be only, at an early bird price of 15 euros



:It will be to watch the Open Talks and other of on the (, ).

maria date a live

maria date a live

Stay tuned!

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