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: The more you the world of Sons of the , the the gets, so we’ve added even more info to our Sons of the and guide pages at the foot of this page.

in Sons of the is no easy feat. You’re left on a , , with no real idea of what to do next or how to . As you build your first base, you’ll soon that there’s a lot of you’re going to need, and it’s near as – to get as you might think.

Catch the for Sons of the right here.

In this guide, we’ll some ’s tips to help you your first few on the , and we’ll list how to get some of the game’s most items for you alive. So, ado, here’s our ’s guide to Sons of the .

Sons of the ’s Tips

Sons of the doesn’t hold your hand, nor does it give you much on what you be doing. This is part of what makes it, and its , The , so great. That said, if you’re to , you’ll want to bear a few in mind.

Loot the crash site

Just like The , the ’s crash site in Sons of the is with and items that were also up in the air with you. on and food or the space for your base, be sure to loot here.

Have a good the snow to be sure you don’t miss ; you can find food and water to keep you going until you’ve built your base,, ,ammomany people who live near the ocean, and more. way, it all now so you need not waste time later; this stuff will come in handy!

Set up camp near a river

If you want an – water at all times so you and the crew never go , build a river. can drink fresh water and stave off their by water from .

Use your GPS to find a river if you’re lost the .

Don’t that is

You might’ve just out on this ,but don’t about Sons of the ‘s . Inmany people who live near the ocean, food will be much more … and those like you will only grow . So, be sure to have some food, , and other away for the .


is a . As our only on the right now, he can’t hear us or speak to us, but he will our hand- and help us out.

As as it might be to kill him off, he isn’t , so a mercy on . He can wood for you,fish away for foodlove live tap 1,and all the other stuff you don’t want to do .

You’ll meet other latercác ứng dụng live stream show, if you aren’t the fan of . We just don’t him off once he’s gone, he’s gone for good.

Ammo is

As a game on an , ammo can be hard to come by. With that in mind, save these for the of and of caves. is still melee-,so be sure to save those guns and their ammo for . The rest of the timemany people who live near the oceanmany people who live near the ocean|Sons of the Forest Walkt, an axe or bow and arrow do the trick just fine.

The ’s are not here to make

Some of the ’s are less than . Some of them could even . , it’s to be safe than sorry if you don’t want to end up food.

Avoid the as much as you can. If they you, away and try to lose them. Some clans of might seem , but they can and will if they feel by you!

Use your quick in a pinch

You’ll soon that your whole isn’t when there’s a group of you down. than the with the tap of ‘I’, hold ‘I’ .

You’ll then be able to a , where you can grab an item from your or a new one to it. These items more .

Sons of the

As you get in Sons of the ,there are a few items you’ll need and want to make on the a .many people who live near the ocean, the game doesn’t . Here are our Sons of the to help keep you alive.

Sons of the Item of the of the

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