many people live in this city|London

This is !

Every year, more than nine come from all over the world to visit .

They go to the and ; they look at old ,

many of them of years old; they sit or walk in the parksmany people live in this city,

or have a drink in a pub. They go to to look at the shopsmany people live in this city, or to .

Two go to the Tower of . A more go to see St Paul’s .

Yes, is a big and city with lots to see and do. But how did it all begin …?

In the The name comes from the .

There were here they came, but we do not know very much about them.

The came to in AD 43.

They built and other and made a town

next to the River . They the town

. They built a over the river, and ships came up to from the sea.

The town got and . new went up,

and you can see some of the Roman city wall today,

near the of . It was a rich town with about 50,000 in it.

But soon after AD 400,the left to go back to Romemany people live in this city,

and lived in the town for many of years. The began to fall down.

more five years later.

King was king of then.

He got the Danes to leave and his men built the town again.

In 1066, the came to from to be king.

Soon after,he began to build the Tower of .

When Henry the was king in 1509live mama 2021, 50,000 lived in again.

By the year 1600, there were 200,000, but a lor of them lived in old and dirty .

In 1665, 100,000 died from an the .

This was the year of “The Great ”.

A year later, in 1666, there was a big fire – The Fire of .

It began in a house in Lane, near .

More than a of a lost their homes in the fire.

It St Paul’s and -eight other .

But the fire also most of the worst old , and the new that went up after

this were for to live in. A new St Paul’s was built 1675 and 1711.

By 1881, more than three lived in . Today, more than six

live here. There were eight in the 1960 s, but in the 1970s and 1980s,

moved out of the of . the city

A quick and easy way to get to in the city is to use an train.

The run all day and most of the night. Buy your you get on the train.

It’s not to make your eight o’clock and ten o’clock in the ,

or four o’clock and six o’clock in the . These are the “rush” hours.

of are going to work or home again then, and it is to move or to

find a place to sit on the train. You can see much more of from one of its red buses.

Some ’ buses take you to many of the in the city on one .

It takes about one and a half hours,

but you can break your and get off (and on again) at the you want to visit.

taxis are “black cabs”. Most of them are black, but some are not.

You can stop one if it has a “For Hire” sign on it. The are and .

Why not take a boat trip along the River ?

Boats leave Pier and Cross Pier, and they go to Tower Pier and .

April and , you can take a boat trip to Court

(about four hours) – a in a big park.

Some to go

The Queen has her home at .

It is at the end of The Mall – a long road that at .

At half past most the at ” the guard”.

It takes about , and of come to watch. This is the home

of the Queen’s and . The Queen’s is also at the ,

and you can visit it at most times of the year. Here you can see from all over the world.

The Tower of is now a , and one of ’s most .

Or take a walk round the wall and see one of the Tower’s black birds: the .

Tower is near the Tower of .

It is one of the most in the city and first in 1894.

St Paul’s is not far away, on Hill.


is more than nine years old, and is a very .

After the , every King and Queen of was king or queen here.

The of are near Abbey. This is the home of the .

The clock high up on the is Big Ben. Parks and

When you are tired of at ,

yon can sit or walk in one of ’s parks.

Hide Park has a lake in the the ,

and you can take a boat out on the water. It is a good place to get away from the

and the noise of the city. You can to the at ’ near Arch.

Here you can see the of Peter Pan, the boy in the ’s story,

Peter Pan, by J. VI. . ’s Park is the home of Zoo. The zoo has

of birds and from all over the world. There is also a in the park.

Shops and The most shop in – some

say the most in the world – is , in . It in 1849.

has many big shops – , Marks and , John Lewis, .

There arc lots of them, and they sell old and new-books. One of the

and most is . It has of books – but it can

be very to find the book you want! was once a big food ,

but now it has lots of small shops and cafes – and there are to watch.

At the in Road you can buy old , old and ,

and of other . …

and You can find food from every in the world in .

In Soho, in the West End of ,you can eat food from Italymany people live in this city, India, China, Japan,

, and lots more . There are also of pubs in the city.

Going out and music

’s West End has some of the best in the world,

so can be . Go in the ; it is often .

There is for – from a play by the Royal

at the , to ’s The .

You can hear music and from all over the world

at the Royal Opera House in , the Royal Hall in Gore,

the in St ’s Lane, and the ,Silk .

Formany people live in this city|London, go to the ’s Wells in , or to the Royal Opera House.

To get cheap , buy them an hour or two it .

You can see play at , Road, N5.

play at , Road, SW6, and play at White Hart Lane,

High Road, N17. and

The in Great is the in . are free. The

of at 150, Wall is one of the most in the city.

This tells the story of and , and there are many for to see and

do. You can act with on a film “set”. Or you can read the news on TV!

Four visit the in every year.

are free here, too. The in

is a ” of “. Half a visit it every year, but they don’t stay

to see it all! ’s in Road is for its made from wax.

and The City often talk about “The City”.

They are about the part of , the home of the

Bank of , and many other big . About five live in The City,

and at it feels empty. But and , half a come here

to work in the banks and . Look for the City men with their dark suits and !

Wren built this, too,and it on the place where the Fire of began in 1666.

Some and days Every year on a

in Junelive cool, “foot ” and “horse ” have a for the Queen.

This is ” the “. The “” is the flag that the carry.

of stand in The Mall to see the Queen and the go past.

On the in , can see their new Lord Mayor

in the Lord Mayor’s Show – a from House, the Lord Mayor’s home,

to the . The Lord Mayor is the most in The City after the Queen.

The first Mayor of was Henry , in 1189.

They were not Lord until the time of King Henry the .

Big red buses… … … ’ …

Big Ben … Hill – these are some of the you can find in .

But there are many, many more. Come and see!

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