manchester united live|In Conversation: Stormzy Talks Manche

We sit down with grime star at the of the 2016/17 away kit to talk up a Red and with David .

up in South , what was it about that you as a kid?

“Do you know what yeah, give me stick for it, but it was the whole being a seven or eight year old kid and there being this team who wore a red kit, had a and would come out every week and . There was a and about them that just me, I even knew what your life to a team meant. I just , ‘Yeah I like this team, I want to be a part of what’s here’. So yeah, I was by the fever from a young age.”

So being a Red, you must have got a lot of stick?

“Yeah in , was the worst. You had the and the , so us used to get it in the neck all the time. I why the got a pass, but that was they never won .”

When was your first visit to Old ?

” 2011, , so it was quite late. But you know what,I when we weremanchester united livemanchester united live, all my mates used to say, ‘Ahh but have you even been to Old ?’, and for ages I was like, ‘Nah, I haven’t’, and that was as a young kid from , to for a game meant a match , a train , to come and you; all that sort of stuff. might as well have been !”

So up, what was a match day like for you?

” was one of those teams that would watch, so we used to get there was a game on. For me I used to enjoy the vs games ― they were my games all my . I there were four or five back to back where they were just each other up left, right and .”

What were you like as a up?

“If I told you I was great I’d be lying,I wasn't that good. I for the team until about maybe year 10 or year 11. But up we in terms of on themanchester united live, so ’s been the one thing since I was young that’s my . There would be times in the when all it would take is for one young kid to walk past with a ball. We’d all be there but as soon as we’d see the ball it would .”

What was your stand out as a fan up?

“For me,my stand out was the finalgai xinh live thu dam, when we won it in ’99 I was six years old,I mean I didn’t even have a back then! So yeahmanchester united live|In Conversation: Stormzy Talks Manche, that was like my first title that I live from to end, so that was the for me.”

What’s it like being a fan now when you it to the era?

“It’s now it’s like, ‘Oh OK, this is how all you guys are used to . Oh my days this is !’ So yeah,to be fair I feel cool we’ve had it for so long that a slip won’t hurt. We’ll be back soon. You know whatmanchester united live, you’ve got be with a team the great times and the worst times.”

It’s been up and down for , but what’s been your stand out ?

” to the FA Cup final, that would have to be the stand out . Then you’ve got ’s debut and , all of ’s goals have been mad. Also De Gea shine game in game out has been , that we’ve got this solid guy the posts to hold it down. I just wish we won last night [ West Ham]!”

up with , how did you feel when they with ?

“Do you know what, when I first I think the only real club they was and I , ‘Great, I’ll get a free shirt’, and then when I was like, ‘Oh my God,what ’.”

What do you make of next ’s away kit?

“Mad sick. I feel like we’re one of those teams whose kits are quite . In this new day and age a lot of the teams kind of move away from their and I feel like every year we kind of stick to that kind of look and feel of what they club is about. Even in terms of the style and theah yeah live, do you know what I mean? So yeah, I never worry about our kits like a lot of other teams and fans have to!”

And , out with David , how is that?

“Yeah, it’s so . I can’t even how it is. It’s just so crazy, with David and just . I was just like, 'What you doing after this?' He was like, 'Just going to get the kids' ― as you do! It’s mad and it’s a dream come true.”


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