live your life|Could You Live a Zero-Waste Life?

live your life

live your life

Back in our home , might not be easy. But if you’re in ,by many as the land oflive your life|Could You Live a Zero-Waste Life?,can be as long as you’re to take a . who have have new in their andlive your life,and their who are the many this city .

live your life

We this to the of – thelive your life, , and who new ways of this great city. We know there are many out there who have in mind but are just for the right . So we hope that you find in each maker whom we’ve to in this .

live your life

Joe and Yu of The Bulk House

A zero-waste may be hard to ,since many of us are to using . But it’s to start that goal by small steps than not to try at all. Inlive your life, the zero-waste is steam and many like The Bulk House and alike that this kind of is . Co- Joe and Yu it , , and eco- sold in China’s first zero-waste store in Gulou in .

Is The Bulk House to your or hobby?

Yu: Oddly , I did have a dream to have my own , the of that dream is a bit hazy, I am quite sure it wasn’t the dream of a zero-waste .

: I to have my own ice-cream van and a sweet shop. I that I was just it was so I could eat and ice-cream all day “for free”, not sure there would have been much with my plan.

Yu: The zero-waste idea did come out of the blue. I was a video from Bea about zero waste and came up with the name of THE BULK HOUSE 10 later. I didn’t think the idea would a .

: we were due to being off by the of waste we were the and the zero were when . We our ways first and then we’d start some more about it. You gotta walk the walk to talk the talk.

How did you face the first few that came along your way?

: We are still the same , too much is us from on big tasks. We are at with this now by only that are ,and all to email. We know what to dopháp vs hungary live,we just need to focuslive stream lien minh huyen thoai, we are at this each day.

Yu: mode is a new,great habit that has a lot .

Share with us a story with your / and how did that help you build your brand ?

Yu: We have had come all the way from other to and to see our store and have to help us out in any way they can. We are to so many of our who have … they have all been ! There are who give a few hours a month but have been such a great help to us. There are 101 to do in the store and so a hand from a or two has the on busy days in the store.

We know that is a land of . What can you tell who are to set up small ?

Yu: Don’t try to do too many at oncelive your life, this is a big we made.

: If you are only a for the money, you might want to have a re-think. 9 out of 10 start-ups fail, so if you find you love or at least enjoy, then if worse comes to worst and your start-up does fail, then at least you’ve at that was worth out of bed for. Also, make sure that the you with share the same as this is .

What’s that one thing that keeps you on in ?

Yu: A zero waste store on Gulou Dong Dajie!

Want to know more about the zero-waste in ? and Yu via at , email , or visit their store.

This in the issue of our .

Want to learn more about how to a zero-waste ?

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live your life

live your life

live your life

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live your life

live your life

live your life

live your life

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