live work|DWP to give Jobcentre staff £250 in vouc

staff will of up to £250 for back into work. The for Work and (DWP) will be a new pilot which will for staff as well as to visit the every for a once they have been on the for 13 weeks.

But the pilot has come underlive worklive worklive work|DWP to give Jobcentre staff £250 in vouc, with the and (PCS) Union that the could lead to more being . , the union’s DWP Group , said: ” more to more often into job does to help our staff or their .”

There will be 90 in the pilot, with 30 just the ,30 the ” daily “live stream logo,and 30 both of them. The part those inlive work,andlive work, West , , and .

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A was in the of the , which took place in , other in , , and . to The , would be set to get back in into work, with those at the top sites £250 in . The next staff would get £125 each.

This was first by the BBC,who saw an DWPlive stream game kiếm tiền, with to test to staff would “drive “.

A for the DWP told The : “It is right that we our staff when they go above and , and to , stay in, and in work is a key .

“DWP has an in-year which for in the form of both and team-based in the form of to .”

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