live with|高中英语作文素材 心存感恩 Live with thankfulness( 2

心存感恩(Live with ) Do you know Day?Do you know why human thank God? falls on the oflive with,a date every year。 The must that date as the 。 is a time for and 。 Even if they l ive far awaylive withlive with,for a at the house of an older 。 All give for the good that they have。 In this oflive with,civic and offer a meal to those in needlive with|高中英语作文素材 心存感恩 Live with thankfulness( 2, the 。

live with

On most the , foods eaten at the first have 。 What we thank? The great the of for us and give us , air, water and in with we of space, bring stor m to let us to n for us, bring to us let us look for。 The give us the life, make us feel the of the human life, feel the of the human life,feel the of the human lifemoonwol live,feel of the human lifemi tom live, also feel and pain and of the human life! The works with and of teach, give us , put on the wing which flies the ideal for us。

The and grows up road of, let I no alone in the of life; The with is and let us in a time the 。

live with

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