live weather map|Open Source Network Visualisation

your own live maps from the you have

is an open toolfacebook live producer, to take data you have and show you an of your in map form.

Data is via . are for , MRTG (RRD and old log-), tab- text files, SNMP, fping, , and Cacti- data. The means you have to data from a large range of open tools, Cacti, , , MRTG, , Munin, and many more. Other are via or .

It also , and to make your own maps as as .

There is Cacti in ,the Cacti to a userlive weather map|Open Source Network Visualisation, and for maps using Cacti’s user . allow to data from Cacti’s , and data from other Cacti like THold and .

is used by and ISPs, tier-1 , , , , many 500 in , , / and other , state and , and , and even a .

This does not Cacti 1.x – see this post:End of Cacti 1.x plans

Here is 0.98a ( PHP 4.3.x or + PHP’s gd ) and here’s the (this is also in the , so you have a local copy).

are also on .

The ( ) on is a very /. I don’t it for use! , there is also a – on ,which is much more to be if you to .

For Cacti userslive weather mapapp live show china apk, the best place for a quick or howto is the board on the Cacti .

For else, and for bug , there’s the . This makes it to track those , and they are .

For old- folks there’s still a (very low ) list,now on .

live weather map, you could e-mail me. , I’d you used a forum, so other might also from the work in the . If your can be as “I didn’t read the and I want you to this”, or “I didn’t read the and I want you to do this for me”,then we can talk about rates to do that – I have a day joblive weather map, so it’s not that often that I do this.

And last:

A few have asked about money, or . If you’d like to do that, there’s my UK , a ever US or cold hard cash via , Ko-fi, or (ask me). I know a lot of don’t have any way to do this (“pay for free ??”) – if you to have nice swag (, , toys) and a list, I like nice swag! any money is used for – , such as web-,the namelive weather map, tools or other – over the years, has ‘cost’ me over $1000 in , and of hours in and time.


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