live volleyball olympic|Olympic test events go ahead amid Lo

Olympic test events go ahead amid London riots

The ( L) and the ( R)live volleyball olympic, two of the for the 2012 , is seen as smoke to rise from a Sony ,which was by inlive volleyball olympic, in north , 9, 2011. [Photo/]

– As from three days of and ,1012 to a -as-usualhow to hack diamonds bigo live hnees38cmrq, going ahead with a of to for the 2012 Games that will be a year from now.

A women’s beach began as at Horse , with in on a made sand court a short from Prime David ‘s 10 .

But to use two of one for ‘s 12 so that play could 90 early, and staff to leave dark.

FIVB Beach Squeo with high- and the . Squeo,who was on site the Park at the 1996 Gamescebu city radio stations live streaming,said he “will do to not even risk in here.”

The , which runs , is a test event for the that will be at the same venue next year.

Other test this week a road race that will go the of on and a at Hyde Park on . The world are place at the venue of Arena in north .

men’s Lin Dan of China said he took some amid the . “I just aimed not to go along the too much,” he said an . “It was all right.”

A wave of and has raged , as to the ‘s worst since race riots set the in the 1980s. More than 400 have been made so far.

The image of the host city has been by the the world of and in and amok.

“A lot of work has taken place plans for the games and we will to them with the Met and the Home over the year,” LOCOG, the local , said in a .

said they are of their plans and have taken into as a risk.

“What is clear is that we are to the games being in and , for , and the wider .”

Mayor Boris said he felt “” at the and the to ‘s image the world.

“In less than 12 we will the world to a great games in the city on earth – and by then we must all hope that we will look back on these as a bad dream,” he said in a in the . “It can be done. But it will be hard,and we will have our work cut out.”

the games would pass off .

“It makes an Games and a Games all the morelive volleyball olympic|Olympic test events go ahead amid Lo,” he said on Sky TV. “We need a to come . What city to do it in than . This is not a oflive volleyball olympic, this is a of the world we live in today.”

of from the world were at a hotel in Park Lane, near Hyde Park, to check on for the games. The chefs de , or team , from more than 200 were to tour the on .

The IOC its in for . ” at the Games is a top for the IOC,” Mark Adams told the AP. “While we are not for , we’re happy with how local are with the issue and we are they will do a good job.”

UK Prime cut short his in Italy and to to deal with the . He from its and said 16,000 would be on the of the night – the on the night.

was a for the , but most of the has been on the of . About 12,000 will be on duty each day of the gameslive volleyball olympic, which have a of at least $770 .

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US Vice- Joe Biden China 17-22.


Li Xing, China Daily’s -in-chief and , died of a on Aug 7 in DC, US.

live volleyball olympic

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