live views count|Oracle/SQL

(1) at the plan be your first step in SQL

(2) A with the query as is thatlive views countbigo live han quoc,is a that is not until time (i.e. after the plan is )live views countlive views count|Oracle/SQL,the make use of on the to the of an index. I have seen that lead to bad . If you can work out a way to the date first then feed it into the query as a bind or alive views countl567 live gam kami, that may help,this is just a guess.

(3) Maybe a way to the query would be as a join ( full outer join) on each of the .

live views count

SELECT COALESCE(g.thing_,b.thing_), COALESCE(good_count,0), COALESCE(bad_count,0)

live views count

FROM (SELECT thing_,count(*) good_count from good_table WHERE ... GROUP BY thing_) g

live views count


live views count

(SELECT thing_,count(*) bad_count from bad_table WHERE ... GROUP BY thing_) b

live views count

ON b.thing_ = g.thing_

(Have to saylive views count, it seems kind of weird that you have two when you also have a to “good” or “bad”. But maybe I am .)

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