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‘You , , for what you have tamed’

de Saint-

good care of your is not – it is an art. And it is also a duty, which means we must live up to our .

The is, still much and sow the seeds of .

Those can be as :

These are big bones of which some users may even break their teeth on.

So, the lines are drawn – it is time to find the right .

PC 24/7

These days the idea of your all the time is : life is too short to waste your time on slow , right?

, there is still much on you leave your PC on or turn it off while you are away.

So, why does it seem a good idea to keep your all the time?

it is :

Your PC is ready to go and can be :First, tend to boot fast, some old- take to start.,your way pre- might seem .Thirdlive up, you can your PC or use it as a .

Those sound like good , don’t they?

Your can be and/or while you are away.

It is quite to let your , be it a third-party or the good old , scans at night. You can also your ’s by using a anti- tool, e.g. Anti-.

Anti-Malware image

PC from with Anti-

Check your PC for your may miss and get with Anti-

Anti- is a of , ®


And why not your to while you are away? Just go to:

Start -> -> & -> -> -> Turn on a time -> Set a time

,there are two sides to every story.

And here are some good why you shut your down:

As you can seebrazil vs paraguay live, your on 24/7 has its pros and cons. We you to find the right your needs and your PC’s .

In All the Time?

To begin with, the ‘ I leave my in when it is fully ?’ is .

, there are two of on this issue: while some claim that your in at all times can send its to the , a to has a long ahead.

, there is some truth in both , and we you to the facts and tips when a of :


Every has its own views on the in . While Apple wants you to avoid your in 24/7, Dell has . Acer you the from your if you are going to leave it in for a long time.

So, it seems to be a wise idea to visit the ’s and for its tips.

Your Be

Some myths leave a of fear. That is why we deem it our duty to bust them: so, your fully in won’t blow the to come – that’s a fact. Your is smart to when the 100 %.

,a is .

All Are

There are two main types of that are used to power our – and -ion . are a bit and more .live up, they are in a and have a micro – not just a .

The sad truth is, both Li- and Li-ion share one – they all die in the end. , your can a of and – then it to drain very fast and you rely on it to power your .

Long Live Your

The there is no need to – you can your ’s life by it . They claim that the ( 60 %) will let your last long on a and the of its .

Avoid Full

your fully in is not a by , your to 0 % is a very bad idea:

First, a full drain your ’s life.,a fully may never get back on track.

Solive uplive up|Is it harmful to leave your laptop turne, your die can kill it.

Mind Heat-

Heat is your ’s ,full stop. That is why you keep your cool. Thuslink live mu vs liverpool, if it heats up when in, we you to the the . , your fans: fans can cause your to and go – you fix them as soon as !

of Power

Power are : they can your and mess up your life. Thus,we you to use a surge or a unit when your – a never hurts.


Keep in mind that your fully in .live up, your will save you a bit of money on the bill.

All in all, it is up to you to to your or not. , make sure it is safe and has no .


By and large, your 100 % in will not hurt your . And your PC all the time is not a crime . , your is quite an and needs care – keep a close eye on your and make sure you know how to treat it well.

We hope you have found our tips .

Do you have any ideas or the in ?

We are to your !

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