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’s began on 8, 2023 and the week-long event has gone viral – here’s what we know about it.

have at ’s over the last week for the . It on , 8, 2023 and the has to with its and hymns,so much so that it has quite the on media.

of the event have gone virallive up to its name, so read on to know more about the .

Photo by Smith /Gado/Getty 2023: What is it and what the event?

The is an event in which and non- in to God. to the to their with the Lord ,,and music.

A is from the usual as it is the term for a to new and .

as are to a oflive show lam vu,but after ’s usuallive up to its name, in the they were “ by what to be a quiet but sense of , and they did not want to go,” Today.

to WKYTfutsal world cup live score, from have the state to ,while some have from .

Where is the and is it still ?

The event takes place at the ’s . in 1929live up to its name, it can 1500 and is home to the on 3, 1970, which is to the 2023 .

Yes, the is still and there has been no of an end date. The 1970 event for 144 hours (six days), but the took place in 1908 for two weeks.

have , but ’s , Dr Kevin Brown, told local news that the is “being very and if would be at the that in class.”

WATCH: event with

the scene of their hands a hymn at the . Clips media days after the , He Gets Us, broke the with its $7 at the .

This could not be

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on fire for God at in ! that has been going on for about a week . Other are in their with love and ! ❤️# /

— VeBee✝️ (@) 15, 2023

The event has , since it is a -led .

“ is what and the world need now,” one on . “ and Amen.”

A wrote: “May it break out in all the and . Jesus is the focal point of and there is such a need to get back to Him.”

This could not be

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What I love about this in is that it is and . It’s not about . It’s just for God. It’s Day #7 and the . Lord let this come to every ,and let it spill into the . /

— Amb.Moses (@) 14live up to its name, 2023

That being said, it has been met with , with some it is a viral .

“My with the at is that my and will be wrong,” one . “That like this islive up to its name|Where is the Asbury University revival a, not the / we’ve seen all too often. Lord I ; help my .”

“It might be the in me but this seems a off,” . “I feel like it was in the but has into a stunt or a clout- event. Hope I’m wrong. I even feel weird the work of God.”

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