live together before marriage|新西兰英语 35 Living Together


This news item is about co-, who live being .

Our this week on the from , the State of New ,in the . Why are we in an ? New was top out of 13 with the in the of in the last 10 years. The were the USnono live thầy ba,, the UK, ,and and New . In Newlive together before marriageclip sex bunny live, 24% of live being . In Spain and Italy the is only 3% and 4% , while USA is 8%. We think we are to in most but their of is 15%.

The that was an in until the in the 13th and 14th .

after the World War, was very in New . This was a time of a high birth rate too. , by the 1970s and 80s, more and more to live . Today,75% of young livelive together before marriage, in , they to get .

There are a of for this: birth ,more women alive together before marriagelive together before marriage|新西兰英语 35 Living Together,and the in means that want to avoid a bad . In like Newlive together before marriage, the which , may also be a . Co- has meant that women are later in life too; in fact 45% of women birth in New today are not .

The that there are of being : are ,, and live . There are also for who live with their .

One with who are not is that they are more to , with a . These are more to from or abuse and more to grow up with drug or . In New , 32% of with have a . The for is 21%.

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