live the life you love love the life you live|The Self-Suffi

For , allow me to : I am an but I have lived as an expat in China since 2004. My city of is a of 30 . Often as CQ, and rhyme Ring, is in south- China on the River. I’ve come a long, long way from my small in (pause for ) … south- on the Dry Fork Creek. How long? How about zones-long? CQ is one of the world’s but I am on a quest for a life. I want to “,”live the life you love love the life you live, as Hank it. Thus,even in the of a hugelive vn vs indo, I these and from my .

I am on a new book,The Expat Life. It will deal with expat , , and . to come along for the ride. If you find this , a to my free at http:/. Yes, it’s free and yes, it’s in the form of a email sent to your Inbox. also an to leave your if you wish. !

live the life you love love the life you live

The Self-

As an expat, some are . We need to what we will give up as a price for . that a is a of many . You can leave the , , and of your old life. But, in doing so, you also walk away from many of the good, , and at the same time. As , the coin has two sides. Let’s the of self- and how it can to the of an expat. What are the of and our upon ?

In the “The ” about my phone, I some of the many which would occur if I had to live a . , short of some sort of , that is only a . But what if I had not to my ? How would I live that which is the of so many of my ? , many of my on the phone, and would not be it. Like the car in my life, what began as into what feels like .

live the life you love love the life you live

Going even down on the scale, what if I gave up all to to a ? I don’t think so. I the on my , , and long-term to my span, I would not want to live the , , and boost that the and other bring to my life.

Let us back to the days the cell phone and its . I my talk about from his . Those a of an era that is now lost. He told me of life on a farm from one years ago, a life in which the was self- and . His – of most farm of the time – grew and all of their own food, then ate it. They also local wild crops like nuts and and at and as a of meat for the table. One of this was that their diet was that had to be . ( were or tea, sugar, and salt – , too, they made their own.) Their yard had trees and grape . In , these were into jelly which was their of fruit in the .

The farm was of the world。 ,the farm lived alone and apart from the rest of the world。 This found its way into 。 (one of the )live the life you love love the life you live, a of his 。 His were with like, “Turn him loose in his heath, which is , and, given ,an axlive the life you love love the life you live, a and some , he’ll never go or cold。

” and “He gone from our midst。 He knows the value of with his own hands, of being busy, when 。” In an expat, there are with ’s self-。 you to go as an expat, you also will find items or are … or 。 You must be to live them or make them as the farm did in the past。 So what are the for you as an expat if you learn to make them ?

, Henry David , the , went to 。 To what was truly in life, he built and lived alone in a small cabin in a for over two years。 In his , the , “, ”。 For him, self- a diet。 Like my ’s of his farm , ate what he grew and what he in 。 In his cabin, had no stove; he his food in his 。

His was the fire fire。 It doesn’t get much more basic than that。 I don’t think I would be with his 。 There are times when I want pizza, , hot pot, or 。 I would hate to eat the same foods over and over there was no of 。 using any – herbs and from the world – would be an 。 (Try for a week using any 。

) Even my has to be from zones,thenlive the life you love love the life you live|The Self-Suffi, then 。 And, for who wants to be truly , try your own and your own 。 Let me know how that works out。 In to the long, long curve of all the just to make a and ,don’t the costs。 What might you be doing while you were how to make a and some ? Self- has its and its 。

As an expatlive the life you love love the life you live, you will be upon to shift the point self- and upon to the goods and you want。 You will much more of that point。

I enjoy my son some of the which were in his ’s youth. With him at my side, I love our own jelly and our own bread so we can enjoy the aroma as well as the taste and . and as great- did it is a …when I it. I enjoy them as an … not a daily . Do I want to take my son and sleep in a tent? Sure. Do I want to live in a tent ? No! The fun ends when the cold rain and it is to start a fire. Don’t ask how I know.

As a expat, I am happy with . I value and the self- of times and it is that DIY (do it ) is and and less than on other to do for us. But I would not want to give up the and which add color to my life.

What about you? Where would you the and total on ? The to an expat means the to “, ” as Hank and . It is a , this to what to carry with you as you hop and new . Some you carry with you,some you learn to make fortrả lời câu hỏi where do you live, and some you as a cost of a new as an expat. .

live the life you love love the life you live

live the life you love love the life you live

live the life you love love the life you live

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