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Table has long been as a ,but some are its value as a sport and an tool forlive table tennis olympic,to an with table ‘ body.

“We have 3live table tennis olympic,200 on close to 200 teams, and more than half are not from the ,” said Willy , of the Table (NCTTA). “Table is an sport and the at the level is that it’s a sport that many are to for the first time.”

“The US is known for its basic : , and , so table still has to catch up,” said. “The sport has than it was five years ago, and the of media puts us in a great to show the what our sport is about.”

The 2014 Table were held from April 4 April 6 in , , and Texas was once again coed – the 11th title for the based in Fort Worth,Texas.

Ken Qiulive table tennis olympic, head coach of the (MC) , has seen his team reach the in each of the last three , only to lose to Texas .

Five of the six Qiu to the were , for Tyler , a from , who to be .

For MC’s table team, the last three years have had but head coach Ken Qiu has tried to keep the focus on the .

“Every year I’m to our ,” he said on . “We’ve come from No 15 in the to No 2 for three years, so we just try to take it step by step.”

But Qiu has some added help when it comes to from China: MC’s Lee Royce.

Royce said his in , , has 270 ,and make up about three- of that total. He also said that MC ” 175 to 200 every year”.

“We table as a club sport a of came to me and asked if they could form a clublive table tennis olympic|College ping pong lures Chinese stbigo live beans hack,” Royce said in an email. “Two years later they were , and we are now with this sport in mind.”

MC’s Qiu said from China were “the first group we when our our “.

“We our in ,” he said. ” we have two who are No 1 and No 2 in the .”

Qiu said that some of that to his , a table coach in China who helps for his son.

In 2008, MC, based in , , 14th in the coed . In 2010 and 2011, they took fifth. And the past three years the has only to Texas .

Jasna ,the head coach of the Texas table teamxem phim tokyo revengers live action,said the with boils down to the issue of .

“Texas ‘s does a great job with into and to get morelive table tennis olympic,” said. “I would love to have even more from China, not only you can find some great table , but also it will bring even more to our .”

“It’s hard to with the more well-known in the US, but the us like a real sport,” said.

Texas , in St. Louis,, and the de Rico are the only three NCTTA that offer table .

College ping pong lures Chinese students

‘s Cheng Li (left) a match with Yichi Zhang at the 2014 TMS Table in , . The , which some of the best table in North , was by the Table and ran from April 4-6. Keith Lam / NCTTA

(China Daily USA04/22/2014 page1)

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