live support chat|LiveChat security and data storage

Data and is in the . That’s why we have taken all to keep all .

Our dataaccount live com, by , are in Texas, US. They are a of , and there’s a guard on duty.

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Our staff is only in their and day to day work. They are also to after from the .

treat data of with the level of and care. Each piece of data is as and in need of . We have which of the data and .

All are with SSL . There is no date on the data. The data will on our even if a does not his or her . If you’d like to chats that you had with our team, you can send us an email at , to all the data that we at .

When us the , note that it be sent from the email that is under your .

When us the , note that it be sent from the email that is under your .

uses the of Layer (TLS): 1.1 (only until 31st, 2020) and 1.2. When our , you are with ,our . this6005 live, you which will you be , the or its first bytes of data.

used by

To make sure your is not any , add the to your ’s list.


Our CDN and anti-DDoS is build on tens of edge , so we a list of all IP on our .

Note that a with an IP ACL has the that based on IP is prone to error due to like ,DNS cachelive support chat|LiveChat security and data storage,and BGP . We that using IP ACLs for web a proxy that based on namelive support chat, for : *. in the HTTP ,than by the IP of the .


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to to itslive support chat, ,and :


To oflive support chat, ,and of datalive support chat, meets the usage :

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