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New has found that who eat chili on a basis to have a lower risk of death than those who avoid the spicy .

Led by from the of and of I.R.C.C.S. inlive studylive study|Chili pepper lovers might live longer sa, Italy,the new study set out to chililive study, which are a in and the diet, may be with a lower risk of death in those who them .

For the study the team at 22,811 in the of Italy who were in the Moli-sani study.

The ‘ chili was using a Food and as none/rare , up to two times per week, three or four times per week, and more than four times a week.

They were then for an of eight years.

The , in the of the of (JACC),that who ate chili four times a week or more had a 40 per cent lower risk of dying of a heart to those who never or ate them. Inlive study, the risk of dying from a was more than .

“An fact,” added , first of the , “is that from risk was of the type of diet . In other words, can the diet,else can eat lessxem phim date a live tap 1, but for all of them chili has a .”

The study is the first to chili could be to a lower risk of death in a and , chili have been to a lower risk of death in and .

“Chili is a of our food ,” Licia .

“We see it on ,and even in . Over thelive study, of all kinds have been with its , on the basis of or , if not magic. It is now that deals with it in a way, and . And now, as in China and in the , we know that the of the , in ways the world, can exert a our .”


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