live stream studio|Livedesk Studio for Macv2.0.0[商业社交]

With you can on any video from your Mac!

Use it with any like Livelive stream studioxem live miss universe 2021 ở đấu, Live, ,, on ,you name it!

You can live- your or your : yeslive stream studio, now you can live your on the web!

to any media live that the RTMP, RTMPS or RTMPT ,AAC audio and H264 video . all will this (the must you the URL and name).

Tell your story to the world from your Mac. You can think of a of : you might live- a majorlive stream studio, your , an event, a ,a web – you name it.

# Key

• Tell your story: audio/video media on any from your Mac

• Live video from yourlive stream studio|Livedesk Studio for Macv2.0.0[商业社交], a or . Audio from any

• Start while you play games on your Mac

• You can your / on the web: show the world a , a , an . Be the of your

• You can tune your for the best (video and audio input, video ,media bit rate and more)

• is an easy to use and app. Just run itdate a live sex, your and you are live!


We read your every day,day by day.

Write with anylive stream studio, or and you will an in a very short of time.

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