live stream overlay|Overlay Surface Overview (Windows CE 5

( CE 5.0)



, to as , are with – .

are used to live video,videodate a live light novel, or still over the to the or the ‘s in any way.

is by the ; any as by the . does not .

An is to a clear piece of that you draw on and place in front of the .

When the is in front of the , you can see both the and the of the ,but when you itcách live stream rõ nét, the ‘s are .

In fact,the of work much like the clear . When you anlive stream overlay|Overlay Surface Overview (Windows CE 5, you are the where and how you want it to be .

While the scan lines to the , it the of each pixel in the to see if an be there . If so,the data from the for the pixellive stream overlay,as shown in the .


By using thislive stream overlay, the a of the and the on the ,andlive stream overlay, the of .

The are into the video and sent to the . this on-the-fly and pixel is at the level,no loss when .

live stream overlay, this makes it to and with pixel .

You by the :: , the flag in the .

can only be in video , so you must also the flag.

As with other types of , by the flags you can a or a chain made up of .

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