live stream background|Frank Ocean Launches Mysterious Live

Frank up to . This , his , .co,added a newlive stream backgroundsctv9 live, Apple Music- video live . For now,it’s but a of in a large empty halllive stream background, with in the . (Some to have the video; it works well on .) It marks the first to the since the “date due” slip last month, the album was due in July or— due to — 13, 2016. The ’s code, which gives away, has been with a “” and of Kanye web Baker. (Both the and the Baker have since been .) 9 a.m., the up—in the same room,a is shown wood with sawslive stream background, while and music plays the . Take a look at the .

live stream background

(3:33 p.m. ): At one point,the a large in the that was to be part of an by Tom Sachs. In an Faderhow to live in this world 2019, Sachs said he was with the video, which was shot “in the past year.” He said he and Frank are to , and noted of the video,”you've got to watch it like else and see.” He also said,”I speak for all when I say I can't wait to see what's to come.”

live stream background

(5:17 p.m. ): Frank's new album,Boys Don't Cry, is out on . The live on his , ,has to .

8/4 (5:47 p.m. ):Frank is back onlive stream background|Frank Ocean Launches Mysterious Live ,what to be a David Bowie t-shirt. New music is .

live stream background

8/18 (10:11 p.m. ): Weeks after the firstlive stream background, Frank Ocean has to his video . He's the boxes on the floor, in such a way that it it that the boxes will a . There's also new music; so far, two brand-new songs have the . Watch here.

live stream background

8/18 (12:00 a.m. ): Frank Ocean has a new album, , via Apple Music.

Last April, Ocean that the would be in July—a that came and went.This year, he on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and James Blake’s The in and in Klein's Fall 2016 .

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