live soccer stream|VOA常速英语:2016 将进一步见证 “一切变得智能”

The Show held each in Las Vegas is to be the most of to hit the the rest of the year. by the sneak held in New York,in 2016 can the ‘smart ’ world.

live soccer stream

High-live soccer stream, , and have so small and cheap they can be put on most . Using the power of our they , well, .

“,we're going to see more in our lives. They're not going to look like but it's going to be that's to other or which are going to make our lives muchlive soccer stream|VOA常速英语:2016 将进一步见证 “一切变得智能”live show đan nguyên,” said .

A smart ball can serve as a , if ’s fine when you’ re away from home.

“You can drive it from one room to and it can live video, audio,and and even smoke if there is a fire in your homelive soccer stream,” Omar .

The are so tiny that there’s room for morelive soccer stream, for a which can look for in , tight such as .

a ball that will and fans with .

“The ball has of it a tri-axial and some that's able to pick up on the speed, the -path, the or the spin and give an the app on how you did with your kick,” said Vinti .

The smart ball Smart is for about $200.

smart can up to 24 in human body.

“It's the first that lets you your fat and your so you could see how much fat you're and how much you're and how you're ,” said CEO oflive soccer streambồ đào nha vs hungary live, Jose .

is also more as well as . A can turn any into .

“Now that we're the in every year what we're going to see is all this is going to be and you carry with you,” said David Smith of .

And this is only a of what we can to see at the world’s Show, early in Las Vegas.

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