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live shows app


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The of E- in the B2B World

“It’s a ‘nice to have’.”

“It’s not for us

at the .”

“It does not work with our .”

These are often heard when media and e- for B2B 。 ,we all have with B2B and media and e- every day。 The best in China is : When using the applive shows app, it is to know which , chats, and mini- are — and which to 。 These our on : our does not and , B2B and B2C。

This is even more in China, where and are and the lines are often 。 This the of not and 。 Yet, we all with a brand much and even we make , we are or 。 This means that the of media and e- for B2B in China is vast。

live shows app

Since it is not a of , what the of many B2B to truly in media? More often than not, it is a lack of . Which is the right one for us? What kind of we share? How do we our ? How can we adapt our sales ? What are and ? But worse than with these is the fear of doing wrong: many end up doing and the field to out of fear. Yet if media and e- are based on a well- and some basic rules, will come.

The main rule for B2B media in China is to the — — , such as being , , and too . , one be open-, , and . B2B can and be fun for . A good is the KUKA with Timo Boll for a Robot vs. Timo Boll Match. It was not at the brand’s group, but it was an and , and a huge for KUKA’s team.

is the B2B brand SATA, a of spray guns. In their media for the , the on than the . They show that the doesn’t have to the and their . In China, the of still an — and the are more in to know . So ask : who are the the ? Who makes these so ? How can you your in an and way?

live shows app

What B2B Learn From B2C

, no one would buy a very and . But these can still be found on e- . these work like , they are a on the B2B . to the B2C world, in the B2B world a very . , the is to offer the right in the right at every . ,it is to a sales at every . Small and have a herelive shows app, as they tend to be more in their sales . They are able to try and adapt to new and needs.

big for B2B in China is that trust than . The B2B e- , like () or () offer like their B2C . Some B2B also sell on B2C , like Tmall, ,or . from the B2C e- world is that the less a islive shows app|Turning Followers Into Clients | Damian, the more it is to sales .

the Right and

Since every , brand,and islive shows app, it is worth some time to find the right and . In , it is to use media to raise among the and . E- can work more as to help . a web store can be an in terms of data , and can help the its sales . where with in-app , such as short video & (), , or ,are . Long video like Weibo ( to )giong hat viet live show, , , or are also well to a B2B brand’s . These help their with a wide range of fans.

live shows app

, the right is . and are still the most way to in China. A way to is to share the brand story, ,or . these while on the the brand can pave the way to a brand image and sales leads.

Maib is an in e- in China and South-East Asia. He is the of the . The 50- fromlive shows app, , and Hong Kong with from e- and entry in China and South-East Asia to shop . FMCG and tech such as , , and . is an of -Tmall (TP), , and . More can be found on

, aka , is among the most KOLs in China. He has with in the as the and for a vast of . His years-long as an , in TV shows, book , and event host him with broad and deep into the and in China. For more , visit .de

In case you it:

Is the ? | Rose, , and , China

Tech- : The | ,

Rise of China’s Super Smart |Clare Ma,, & Smart City , Chung, at – TMT, China

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live shows app

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