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I have lived since the age of 2 with the by a gun death.

My was while in the U.S. in late 1945 by test his Luger in a .I can still feel the of that shot.It threw the life of what of my onto a much more – less ,much less happy – than it had been on .

Mylive se x, she for a time and bore ,never knew and took her own life at the age of 60live show to my,three later.I an into a young .Only years of and love in my 30s made it for me to break with my anger and .

This gives me an in the rash of mass and its to ourlive show to my|What about my right to live without viol, as by a Court. to the Gun ,there were 609 mass (those with four or more ) by this yearlive show to my, last year’s of 690 looks safe.

The not at war – for , the here is more than 10 times that in . Armed in have so that must train for the of an ” .”

There’s a for this level of : The rate of gun is of the .That part of the Bill of has made it for to limit gun and even now to arms in .

Right to . right to live free of gun

Court have that . of . of 2008 for the first time an and a that the to a “right of the ,” in a “well .”

’s a on the of ,as he to the in the 18th and 19th of the that guns are for self-.

But there is a lack of in the6002 live, while on in the , no or that might help us where the ’s right to gun ends and the right of the to live the of gun .

The in the , New York State Rifle & v. Bruen this June, which out New York’s -old law gun the home, that lack of to a new . by , the with other such as that of free .

It then , “The of other does not to to some need (as the New York law did).”Ergo, not it, .

One would hope that the law could spot the flaw in this : For when the right of is , an party can seek in the . But what is open to the shot dead or by a ?

This makes why and the have in the of that they do not for other .

to be a cop and two.A court let him get away with it.

Who needs to know?Small as feds on ‘ .

It that guns are more

Gun pose a test for the idea of of the of since the 18th . Today’s semi- no to the and of the 18th , which had to be after a shot. Can the right to own a that could not be when the was ?

In a , Alito that the court’s the anti- to and .His :”It is that or in 1964 of sex to mean of , much less .”

for Act:It’s a for , – and

Who’s the bigot?‘’ turns away group of its .

It seems that the as now can the Alito test.Can that the , whose of guns was to -shot ,would have the and of arms of warlive show to my, which can tear the human body apart in ?Can that they would have such for these if given the that they are being used to ?

When is a ?

The of gun is a on .It not only the also their , who must live with loss and .

In to how to the ’s right to gun with the right of other to live the posed by , the court is to the of the as a .

In , a is when can go about their daily fear of .Today, in many parts of the have to fear that the by may be armed, and that the can do to them until he or she pulls out the and .

And then it is too late,as so many mass us.

Richard Alba is a distinguished professor of sociology at The Graduate Center at the City University of New York.

Alba is a of atThelive show to my, CUNY.

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