live show to my|Smyrna band Foxes and Fossils plays firs

In 2010, when Foxes and their first gig, there were about 50 in the .

Tim (left) and (right),of Foxes andnozoki ana live action movie, for an . The cover band from has more than 80 views on (: for The -).

Most of crowd was there for pizza.

A of , and swell the . And yet, said Terry ,this group oflive show to my|Smyrna band Foxes and Fossils plays firs, up the seats at Bella’s pizza in , was the bunch of fans that ever came to a Foxes and show just to see the band.

added that at all the other Foxes and gigs, at Taco and the Hog and Park, there were there to see the band, but of other were there just for the .

Adams, one of the “Foxes,” was 16 years old at the time of the Bella’s gig. She : “We were music for pizza and tacos.”

The “Foxes” were the young of the band, Adams, , and Chase . They all grew up and went to .

The “,” ’s Tim , the of the band, that the Foxes, they weren’t going to draw a crowd. The band broke up. They only on , where Tim of their old .

(left), Adams and Chase are the “foxes” from Foxes and , a cover band that has an . (“” is in the .) Their views on and sales of more than $300,000 in 2020. “ is it,” said Tim ; “they love going to the every month and a good check.” (: for The -).

, those began to gain an . More than a year after they , Foxes and began from their views and .

years and 83 views later,Foxes and is its first as a .

The most cover band from is $100 a seat for two shows on Dec. 29 and Dec. 30. (That’s what Billy is at State Farm Arena.)

The venue is the Ford Halllive show to mylive show to my, a 500- in that began as a car and has as a . Both shows are sold out. “We’re a weird case,” said Adams. “First a act, then a band in real life. That’s the of how you see it .”

Said / , who works as a grip in the film , “We came in the back door.”

Many of the by Foxes and were in , this lot. they are, from the left, Adams, Tim , and the late Scott King. (: Foxes and )

The Foxes and story has many , all of which are in a new book about the band, “Ear Candy,”just out this .

Tim , John Pike, and Scott King all were of Tim’s –rock band,the , a group that never made it past the bar-band stage.

Tim was ready to give up the . One day he his , , and her , ,to sing some rocklive show to my, and he and King and Pike and his high tried this new at a few local fast- .

The sound was . They even got as far as for at the . They taped every show. Then went away to in , Adams moved to , went to in Iowa, and in 2019 King moved to .

In that same year their began to . One cause was ’s new that Foxes and cover to who the .

The first hit was their of the very , & Nash ,“Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”

To take of their fame, Tim to old , and they new ones, with home in their far-flung homes, it in from four or five .

Their fan base grew, tens of to their ,and them to come back and live.

Now they have in over break to and get ready for their first show of any kind in four and a half years. Their comes not just from the long time apartdate a live s2, but from the with which their fans are for this .

“Thank you from the fans such as I that have and for this ,” wrote John on their fan page. “You guys are loved and more than you may ever know.”

“It’s very to get back and cool to see how we all fell back into it,” said , 27, now as a . “I think the three of us (the Foxes) were more that would be OK. More so than dad. He’s about some of the high notes.”

One loss can’t be . Scott King died of late stage in of this year. A , he was also the who the group’s name. “It’s going to be sad” him, said Adams. “He is the I liked most with on stage, he was me laugh.”

, , will fill in for Scott on bass, along with Scott’s , Ross King. Toby , , will share with .

There are many from fans for tunes to get added to the set list for the shows, but, said Tim , 66, “the main to me was: What songs can we do well?”

Said : “We don’t know if we’ll make a habit of this or . has other jobs and other lives. But even if it’s a one time thing it will be great to be up on stage again.”


Foxes and

7 p.m. Dec. 29-30. $100 ( ). of “Ear Candy: Foxes and , ’s #1 Cover Band,” by Paul F. and , will be , along with band . Ford Hall, 621 King St.,.live show to my,.

This story comes to Rough Draft a with The -, where this story first .

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