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If you’re over the ,there’s a lot to keep track of: Yourlive nghĩa là gì, your ,your loved ones and more.

all will let you use a of your pass. Now some are to clear with a of their ‘s or other in their Apple .

than root yourlive show to my, all you have to do is flash your Apple Watch.

“The of ‘s and state IDs to Apple is an step in our of the with a and easy-to-use ,”bunny live mod apk, vice of Apple Pay and Apple , said in a in 2021.

It’s not quite a game- yet: While 12 have to IDs, only three have them. And while the you from might a on your Apple Watch, you might not be the same on the trip.

The is the at , . So it’s a of when, not if the .

Here’s what you need to know about your ‘s in your Apple , how to do it and which IDs.

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How do I add my ‘s to my Apple ?

Apple built the to your ID to your Apple into iOS 15 for the . The is to how you would add a new card.

First, tap the “plus” at the top of the in . (If you have an Apple Watch to your , it will ask you about your there, as well.)

Apple Wallet

To add a ID to your Apple , tap the “plus” at the top of the .

Dan Avery/CNET

You’ll then scan your ‘s with your ‘s and take a , “which will be to the state for ,” to Apple.

You’ll also be asked to a of face and head “as an step.”

Once your ID has been by the state that it, it will be added to your .

To be able to add your or ID to Apple , it will need to be from a state. In , you’ll need:


For now, only of , and can their .

Dan Avery/CNET

Also, only with TSA on their pass are to flash , to the TSA , the said it plans to add the for other in the .

Only one or ID can be added to an and Apple Watch at a time.

Which ID?

Apple in 2021 that eight were in the , then the to 12 this year.

But those are to Apple IDs, not that do.

Right now, only , and the — and only at at these :

, , , Iowa, , ,Ohiolive show to my|Live in One of These States?, and Utah have all to the , as has Rico,have not been .

Other are to join this : Last year said Apple was ” in with many more .”

And inlive show to my,the South of Motor said it was “” the ID .

“There is a that a study on the idea and they are stilllive show to my,” told The State, a , South , news .

from Apple’s , some allow to their ‘s to their state- apps, like ‘s LA . But these are for and age and are not by TSA yet.

TSA screen on an iPhone

Apple How do I use a in my Apple at TSA?

To your ID, tap your or Apple Watch on the at the .

You’ll then be to your with Face ID or Touch ID.

If it’s , a on the .

to Apple, “you don’t need to , show or hand over your [to a TSA agent].”

Is this ?

to Apple, it is.

A on the Apple the uses the same and in the and Apple Watch to and theft.

“Your ‘s or state ID data is ,” it said. ” the state nor Apple can see when and where you use your or ID, and using Face ID and Touch ID helps make sure that only you can view and use your or ID.”

The TSA has also IDs.

” has the to and the by , , and IDs more ,” the said in a .

If my state IDs, do I still need my at the ?

Yes. The is still in its , and there’s no the you use will be set up to a ‘s on your Apple .

“All must to have their ‘s ,” to the . “The TSA may this ID in to the ID.”

Where else can I use my ID?

With the of iOS 16 in June,apps that age or now be able to ID cards in your Apple applive show to my, Apple said. Uber Eats and car-share Turo were cited as two apps that could offer this , to , but has done so.

Apple added that , and other will make use of the in the .

IDs are not by or of motor .

I have an phone. Can I my ID to ?

In a 2022 , it was beta phone users to their ‘s to “for , and .”

said the would be in ” US state(s),” it didn’t which ones or when.

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