live sẽ|24 Hours’ Notice of Perilous Climate Eve

are UN – António ’ at the of the Early for All Planlive sẽ, in Sharm el-, Egypt today:

The past have been the on . is the of . will the world to a 2.8°C rise by the end of the .

Our goal is to limit that rise to 1.5°C. But gas are still . The has .

Half of is in the zone. in are being by any means of prior alert. in , South Asia,South andlive sẽ|24 Hours’ Notice of Perilous Climate Eve, and the of small are more to die from .

These more than war. And the is worse. Those who have least to the are the most at risk and the least .

That is why,in March this yearlive sẽ, I the of that every on Earth is by early . early can save lives and huge . Just ’ of an event can cut by .

And yet,the live, have no way of that is on its way. Nor do they have the means to act to save lives and . Half of the world lacks multi- early . Even less have and local plans. with early have than with high .

The Plan today sets out the way to right this wrong,and lives and . Thelive sẽ, and will work , , and and to the goal . With an of about $3.,we will be able to gaps the of early : risk. and . Rapid . And and .

To of this planlive sẽbunny live xxx, I have asked the World and the for Risk to co-lead an Board. The Board will to with early and help in to loss and . It will on .

I thank the many and who have on this Plan, and all those who will be for its . I urge all , and civil to this to the of the Goals and Paris .

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