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In her new book, “The Kids in the World,” , an ,tells the story of Tomlive rugby scores, a high- from , ,who to spend his year inlive rugby scores, . is a story: in the past , the ’ test from below to well above it. kids have now (超过……分数) kids in math and ,evenlive rugby scores, on ,less than half as much per as the does.One of the most the high Tom in and the one he ends up at in is that the has no teamlive rugby scores|Everyone may have a complex and differen,orhow to live at the max level chapter 1people live, for that , teams of any kind.

That high waste more time and money on than on math is an old .This is not a of how any given who plays does in , but of the and its .This , when the for (PISA) are , it’s safe to that high- will once again their in math and , not just by in but also by in like South Korea, , the , , ,and rugby scores, they will have some very games, which will have been up in their .

Why does this ? Well, for one thing, kids like it.And for , to , seem to like the , too.She a tour she took of a in D.C., which costs a year.The tour —a with three in the —was asked about the ’s flaws(暇疵).When she said that the math was weak, none of the the tour .When she said that the was weak, the .“?” one of them asked , “What do you mean?”One of the (讽刺) of the is that what is . kids’ on the field shows just how well they can do when are high.It’s too bad that their test show the same thing.

1.Tom to spend his year in .

A.there are the 2

live rugby scores

B. kids are at

C.he to his

D. are not at in

live rugby scores

2. to 2, we know that .

A. time is spent on in

B.too much is on in

live rugby scores

C. high about time

D.PISA plays a very role in

3.The in the last means .

live rugby scores

A. ’ their a lot

B.high push up ’

C. to ’

D.low in ’ poor PISA

4.The of this is to .

A.draw to a in on to learn from the model

C. with those in

D. what is wrong with and

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