live quotes|Senators quote Taylor Swift during Live

have Swift at a that seeks to the the -’s sale for her ‘Eras Tour’.

for the tour went on sale in and saw of fans wait timeslive quotes, , and hyper- on sites ( ’s own). The later it under the“ ”they faced from Swift’s fans sale.

In the of the sale, Swift’s own fans their own , with three dozen an ‘ Legal’. A class was also filed, with the of two laws – the Act and the Law – the first Fan pre-sale.

Two US on the Trade (FTC) to for “the steps” it’s to “ the use and of bots in the ”.

.@: ” is very to me…to have a you have to have , you can't have too much , that for this , as an ode to Swift, I will say, we know 'All Too Well.'” /

— CSPAN (@cspan) 24, 2023

.@: ” had the to imply that the in pre- sales was Swift's fault she was to do too many . May I … outta look in the and say, 'I'm the . It's me.'” /

— CSPAN (@cspan) 24, 2023

This has me . The Karma quote the #ur /

— Gabe Kanae (@) 24, 2023

to the ( 24) for the ‘That’s The : and in Live ’, a of made to the 11-time their , which you can view above.

Amy , who was one of the two that for the , Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ in her . “To have a , you have to have . You can’t have too much – that, for this , as an ode to Swift, I will say, we know ‘all too well,’” she said.

added: “ ought to look in the , and say, ‘I’m the , it’s me,” in to Swift’s hit ‘Anti-Hero’ off her album ‘’ while Mike Lee also made a lyric to the track ‘Karma’,his with: “I have to throw outlive quotes, in to my Eliza, one more Swift quote: ‘Karma is a ,aren’t you for you it’s not?’”

a cyber on the the sale in a pre- .

live quotes

Swift. : /Getty

Joe – the of ’s Live – said that “ ” were from the sale.

He “to the many fans as well as to Ms Swift” for what he was “aconan live action,” : “In there are we could have done .

the , added: “We knew bots would … and . We were then hit with three times the of bot than we had ever ,and for the first time in 400 Fan they came after our Fan code .

“While the bots to our or anylive quotes,the us to slow down and even pause our sales. This is what led to a that we .”

Last monthblackpink hát live, said it still has 170,000 still to sell for the tour after the sale was . ,the over the next four weeks vialive quotes|Senators quote Taylor Swift during Live, which was in the early 2000s for of the Dave Band fan club to . It was by Live in 2008 and now “ the Fan ”.

The North leg of Swift’s ‘Eras’ tour will begin in , in March, on to with a total of 52 shows on the with the run ,, ,Girl In Red,MUNAlive quotes, more.

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