live my life|Again My Life

Pains me to write thislive my life, for I love LJG,I want his kids to call me .

Six stars for hiscách nạp tiền bunny live bằng thẻ điện thoại, and ,as .

One star for the of the show. At least at the . As else outlive boost fo3, it is a pity that the who KWH back to life didn't show up at all.

I liked the part about KHW's youth,his to save the ones he used tolive my life|Again My Life, his with the old . Also, I liked how he to get close to his , so he would and them more .

As I see it, the is the huge of foes and . It was and . ,the Kim Hee Woo used to take down each “boss” were the same. Files ( ) kept out of some “”. At some pointlive my life,he even with a USB drive. I mean just. A USB drive! It could have been emptylive my life, or with cat . KHW only had to say it was and the other guy pale. Wow, such a good actor !

The whole thing felt like a of the same . . File. “Sir, there is you need to see”. TV News. Bad Guy is sent to jail. Bad guy gets out. Play again. Once Bad Guy is out, Bad Guy gets in line. Ball, BallZ, Ball GT.

I was by the . Cho was like the scary,we he was. The last was . Justlive my life, and doesn't do to the .

Ah. ? ? Where? Maybe I an … I 't know. They were all so …

I this. But seven stars, . Well. Lee Joon Gi…

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