live music near me|bob dylanVisions of Johanna (Live from L

of (Live from 5/26/66) – Bob Dylan

Ain’t it just like the night to play

When you’re tryin’ to be so quietlive music near me

We sit here we’re all doing our best to deny it

And holds a of rain you to defy it

from the loftlive music near me

In this room the heat pipes just cough

The music plays soft

But there’s to turn off

Just and her lover so

And these of that my mind

In the empty lot where the play ‘s bluff with the key chain

And the all night girls they of out on the d train

We can hear the night click his

Ask if it’s him or them that’s

she’s all right she’s just near

She’s and seems like the

But she just makes it all too and too clear

That ‘s not herelive 90

The ghost of howls in the bones of her face

Where these of have now taken my place

Now boy lost he takes so

He brags of his he likes to live

And when her name up

He of a kiss to me

He’s sure got a lotta gall to be so and all

small talk at the wall while I’m in the hall

Oh how can I

It’s so hard to get onlive vietnam

And these of they kept me up past the dawn

the goes up on trial

echo this is what must be like after a while

But mona lisa musta had the blues

You can tell by the way she

See the

When the jelly faced women alllive music near me

Hear the one with the say jeeze

I can’t find my knees

Oh and hang from the head of the mule

But these of they make it all seem so cruel

The now to the who’s to care for him

name me that’s not a

And I’ll go out and say a for himlive music near me|bob dylanVisions of Johanna (Live from L

But like says

Ya can’t look at much can ya man

As she for him

And she still has not

We see this empty cage now

Where her cape of the stage once had

The he now steps to the road

He ‘s been which was owed

On the back of the fish truck that loads

While my

The play the keys and the rain

And these of are now all thatlive music near me

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