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The world’s is than a dust mote.—

, BGR, 1 Mar. , and how far away is to that mote of dust.—

NBC News, 22 July was , a tiny glint of a mote,like a flea.—

Ozicklive meaning|Kids Definition of motekhong quan tam live, The New , 14 June mote also a layer of film and a thin sheet of .—

, ,11 June in the disklive game, which is less than half an inch wide, is so small that it with the naked eye is like for a dust mote in a .—

Emily , The ,8 June the could only the field thelive meaning,which are as small as motes of dust.—

Paullive meaning, | AAAS, 22 Apr. , which live in the water, to rocks by one end, and use at the other end as a kind of net to catch the bits of — motes that are too small for fish and other .—

James , New York Times, 28 Oct. every of our world, in ,thelive meaning,and in motes of soil.—

Lynnlive meaning,, 15 Apr. 2020

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