live meaning|英语作文范例 How to Live a Colorful Life

How to Live a life

live meaning

Life is short,so it is that we do not waste a of it.We all live life to the .In order to do that we must focus on what is in life.By to the right we can make our lives than dull.

live meaning

The four most of a life are of lifemai dora live,,and .The firstlive meaning, of life,can be by doing to the best of our .If we do that,will come to meaning|英语作文范例 How to Live a Colorful Life,we must value the and in our lives. are the to ,so we must treat them right.Thirdlive meaninglive meaninglove live all stars,we must treat our body right,too.It is to enjor life good .The last ,,is the most .We must one to our and .We have a for .

In ,we can all have lives.All we have to do is that the for keys to a life are: of lifelive meaning,, and .By to these we are bound to live and well.

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