live life to the full là gì|The silver lining for coping wit

Shot by Zhou . by Zhong . by Yang Yang and Andy .

The when you get old is that you may need and you may crave can be a wide area, it to get what you need for those “ years.”

That is in , and Care is an of the .

The , due to open next week, a “one-stop” host of for . The idea is to care and for the under one roof so they don’t have to to .

is the to the city’s of care home care, day care, , care and for those a 15- .

live life to the full là gì

A “model room” with – for in-home care in Care , in .

The four in the new each age and needs. One is for long-term care and care for up to three ; one is for and day care; one is only those from ’s; and one is for , by the city’s civil as “ .”

The city had about 268 such in and areas at the end of 2019, and the is to to 320 by end of this year and to 400 in 2022.

“We 2,000 in our to their needs,” said Chen Yinglive life to the full là gì, Party of . “The said they don’t want to leave home, or to go into an . Their top needs care, day care and food . These are all in this new .”

Chen added that the also on ’ needs,such as andđèn live stream, and on the of many to their .”

the new doesn’t open until next week, area have been what it has to offer.

live life to the full là gì

“ ” in take of the ’s new to tai chi.

Four “ ” women in the first-floor cafe of for a . The there up types of , 5 and 8 yuan (75 US cents to US$1.20).

In a -floor room with an wall, two women and a man, all in their mid-60s, are tai chi. They said they live about 10 away and used to in a park. The new venue them, the that them to their .

The , in the city’s , has about 27,000 60 years or older, about 42 of the . Among them, 18 are over 80, and there are 18 . The is a 105-year-old who has two bouts of .

Its the city’s aging amid life , to Chen , who is in of care at the Civil .

“ was the first city to the aging in China, in 1979, so we have long been ways to help the ,” Chen said. Many of the we have have now been .”

By 2019, the city had 5.18 – aged 60 or older. That was just over a third of the . More than 800,000 in the city are over 80,and there are 2live life to the full là gì|The silver lining for coping wit,729 .

In 2005,the “90/7/3” . It aims for 90 of the to in their homeslive life to the full là gì, with some , 7 to care and 3 to go into homes for the aged.

live life to the full là gì

Care a “one-stop” host of for .

Chen said one of the city’s is the idea of care. He it to the“ of care” in the US, where a a the of good to .

“Our plan is to such into so they can enjoy ,” Chen .

was a home 82 . The were moved to a care home while was . They moved back into the last month, under rules by the city due to the .

had no of COVID-19 cases the of and . are still . Staff and have video and their and .

will soon boost its user- , for full . For still in their homes, a of up to 3,000 yuan is to home like ramps and .

The also for items that may be in homes,such as bedslive life to the full là gì, to and in and that can be to the apps of or .

“These and are all -,Chen Yibao said. “We also and to orwrite about the ideal world in which you would like to live in the year 2020,”

He addedlive life to the full là gì, “In , about half of the care are run by , some of them . – are less and cover the needs for many.”

No less than 60 of the from ’s are for care .

With such an focus on the , the issue of comes up. There aren’t to fill all the jobs . The city is now its first – for care .

live life to the full là gì

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