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TODAY,Id like to share some ideas about life we can learn from to thelive lessons, along with some from who lived in China over a ago. If you the of , and why had such great for both and its in the past,you will why today are able to such foes aslive lessons|Life,Lessons,from,China’s,Response,to, ,and now the .

“” or ?

live lessons, I an ask his , “Did you quit hands of the virus?” “No,” he ,“I quit is out of paper.” Im glad that still have a sense of humor at a time like this! But what is not funnylive dịch sang tiếng việt, is that some of the not only lack paper, but also still dont have virus test kits even more than 10 weeks after China the with the world. Why are these so ?

live lessons

Even a logic have the virus would , but they not only didnt but also went to great to why their “” could not take lead. media have how such as and on of their basic of of . But to an that is now a , are over to take many of .

like San are of to avoid the word “,” which right of , but they to “ in place,” which may sound less and more“.” , it to me that the is still — and these are , so why they are not?

The only that could spend China while doing , is that they felt they were in no . This is , given our today in an world of media. We are daily with so much news that afar are no more real than a TV show or a movie.

live lessons

It also seems that in in the have a sense of , and that their will to them from a virus, just as for their and have them from the wars, and that kill tens of each year in poor . As U.S. W. Bush once , “ will our way of life!” But it the never got Bushs .

In 1990, I it that a , Ohmae, would write a book , The World. He that trade was open and free for all . Even today, trade is not , and never will be — but the truly knows no . Rich and poor alike fall it — the , the weak and the poor are hit.

the Right to Life and Seize the Day!

live lessons

, for the world, while the West “” by doing , China acted , or or words, to most right – the right to life. China began a and has that, if , they will share it with the world.

And even as the its to the head-on, the also rose to the and , quite ,they their . value and as much as any otherlive lessons, but they all too the and that their only . agree with their that if they lose that most right of life, all other are . And to that most gift of life, have been able to their belts and like no other in .

And if you the of China the ages, then you will also how and why the most today dared to and this head-on.

One and sixty years ago, a named wrote in his book Life Among the :

With and of and in China about the China, “It is a fact that of all those to the , China alone . The , , and, in later times, the , all to a high of and ;

but their star soon and sank into utter . China, , has never been , her has never ;

live lessons

it seems, her star has in its for at least three years. all this long lapse of the have kept up, and , to their ;

and today they all the of those , ,and which them in those early when the built theirlive lessons, the their of the ,or the were at the gates of Troy.”

todayv live là gì, like their , life — and just as , they life with those they love, and this is why over the ages has been built on and .

Dying the world have been asked what they most in life, and they never that they did not make more or spend more time in the . , their is that they did not spend time with the they loved.

So, if youve the , life and “seize the day!” But when you seize life, dont let go of those you love life is too short to not live fully.

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