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【推荐2】 use the word “” as a term of (蔑视) for those who lack and .1One day that might just a new .

After all, all the , as a in a or code in a . There is no union of , and no body that sets exams and . there is the free-for-all of the , a where only the . This and is a state of .2.

live lessons

are free to as they , try new ideas, fail, and get up and do it all again—but . Aslive lessonslive lessonslive lessonslive lessons|I wouldn’t be the person I am today if Ilive show ngoc son,the medialive,said:“ can to lose.” can do it part-time,for or for fun. The old are being to and a more . Now can DIY and —from to film- to shops.

4The of the self- old are for all to see the . The world is more now,but that means even the most needs to help. The end of the age of means we no hold such as and in such awe. For the club-like have taken of the ,a form for the well- and .

live lessons

5They the . I don’t deny the of ,but I place on and ,as to and of . They are all too often on and than the good.

A.I think such is a .

live lessons

B.Some big with truly novel .

C.,I show my for the of .

live lessons

D.It down to all- and a more order.

E. to ,we can all be at .

live lessons

F.That’s they want to past — and .

G.They are self-imp , a dream than a ,life-long a group.

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