live lessons|新概念英语之全新全译·1 02 Lessons 085-086



and enjoy

Love, love , hands and faces, earth and sky

Love, love ,how you live and how you die

Love can make the fly or a night seem like a

Yes lovelive lessons, love , now I at your name

live lessons

in the world will ever be the same

Love, love , days are , words mean more

Love, love , pain is than

Love will turn your world ,and that world will last

Yes lovelive stream sofm,lovelive lessons|新概念英语之全新全译·1 02 Lessons 085-086, you glory, you shame

in the world will ever be the same

Off into the world we go, , years

Love in and ,all our

Love makes fools of , all the rules we made are

Love,lovelive lessons,live or in its flame

Love will never ever let you be the same

Love will never ever let you be the same


1.The two haven't see each other for 7 .

2.The have come into the to have their lunch .

3.The class 3 are music in that .

4.You are going to do your with me .

5.Put it away my book .

6.He asked “Can I use your bike this ? “

7.I don't like milk in my .

live lessons

8.What a chat we are .

9. turn off the when you'll leave .

10.Do you want to have a drink with me ?

and write

Dear lidalive lessons,

how was your going ? What are you doing ? I am a very good time at my 's in . Right nowlive lessonsmi tom live, I am on the beach with my daddy and mom and the . It's sunny here . I am to surf . I've been to the . There are red five books .I don't want to the to end .

write soon .

love Mary .

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