live it up|How Manchester City beat Chelsea 2

spoke to Sky after the match on his from : “It's an . It's been a long time. I'm glad to get back out there and play with the lads.

” for a while, it's nerve- onto the pitch for one of my first for the club. It felt good.

“(It's been) . When I first found out I the went out the . I didn't feel great about the . But after a of days I made sure I hard. I was . I'm back fit now so I have a .

“A of days after the my was to get back into the club and do as much as I could to get fit. I did more than I would have done to get my back.”

On the World Cup: “Not so much [ to] []. I spoke to the staff and on my .

” can . I'm but I know with the of game time I've had there's a doubt.

“I think with my I've not been 100% of my . Now it's I can get back to what I was . it'll put me in good stead.”

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