live in poverty|What is Poverty?

17live in povertylive in poverty|What is Poverty?my live,2009

I am sorry that I felt by a ‘s . I was sent to and my sons were into care. I am a with two young with low . We were happy until the time we were . Now the tried to and the time to my sons and their . It is .

I hate them。 I feel sad。 I feel that there is no and there are no in the 。 I have to deal with the issue with the and then with the and then with 。 Where is the end? My sons are away from their 。 Since April till nowvb567 live,it is 5 now。 And there is no for my sons。 they me of my 。 I have met some good and this time I why they took my sons away for so long。

It is 。 Even if it islive in poverty,why do need to be taken away from their 。 Will this from being poor。 Poor is not scarylive in povertylive in poverty, it is the of being from each other。 It is the 。 far more scary than else。 Why were they sent to the any ? Is this I tried to home my sons? Is it so to take a into and break my down? I need *back!* I am to give to my my life。 them, my life is empty。

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