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Just over a year agologo live, RABI’s – Big shone a light on the of poor in and Wales. One group that stood out in were women in the .

The that over two- (69%) of aged 25-44 some level of and half (48%) are or .

This data with Devon and media , Holly , who was to the Big in .


“I’ve long been aware that our is by poor ,” she says. “And the fact that women fared worse than men on all of this was .

“RABI’s the scale of the . The still stick in my mind today and I can to the ‘why’ these .”

of two young boyslive in a farm, Holly took a break as a vet five years ago. Today she’s for calf and – on the farm her , Adam, – she’s with the many women in their roles.

Dairy farmer Holly Atkinson with her son, Casey

Dairy Holly with her son, Casey (Image: DC Media)

“ the in black and white made me start what I could do to help – not just for mums and those on dairy farms, but in the South West. It also made me think what there could be to make use of media.”

It was at RABI’s 2021 event of the where Holly first of the to take part in first aid – a by RABI in to its . the 70 event , there was a buzz that to be taken by the , Holly says.

She was on to join a two-day first aid , in with RABI’s Red . She is now her into after the this .

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“The was a which I feel very lucky to have had,” she says. “We how to start about and guide in the right to get help.

“To help a point, I think every farm have to a first aider. If cut their hand out on the farm,we ’t bat an in them first aid away. The way we treat ’t be any to .”

Holly has to day-to-day about on-farm: than just the farm team ‘are you ok?’cách live stream pc,I’ve it’s so to open the and find out how are doing the level. So often we just put on a brave facelive in a farm, but the is so many of us in the are a tough time.”

RABI’s Big Farming Survey aimed to catalogue how the farming community is coping with the demands of life, both personally and professionally (Photo: Tina Hart)

RABI’s Big aimed to how the is with the of life, both and (Photo: Tina Hart) (Image: Laura Yates, Team, )

To help , Holly set up ‘Face Your ’, a and page to to the right . She is about what she’s with on media and in the local area.

“I Adam’s boss with the idea of who works on his farm sites . It’s so to the about the that are out there and how to take the first step to them. He’s been , which is .

“Alone,we can just feel like small in a big . Bylive in a farm, we can the word and , so more get the right .”


, RABI for Devon and , has first-hand of women in the South West.

“Half of my time is spent in their homes to how we can best them,” she says. “I often find it’s the women the and life .

“The is of great – from a farm but also in the home. Our Big a clear link and . If women are farm and home , it the risk of poor .”

A stock image of farming family with children (Photo: Steve Baccon / Getty Images)

A stock image of with (Photo: Steve / Getty ) (Image: DC Media)

are also an equal part of the hands-on work on farms, she says: “If a farm is , or extra can’t be ,the women muck in to keep the farmlive in a farm, I’ve found. It’s so that all in are heard , and we the women often carry.”

RABI’s to to in the . says it’s the of the . “89% of who this were RABI for the first time,” she .

“Just like our and first aidlive in a farm|Farming Devon mum helps others access me, our to grant has been vital in to break down with for . We all need help from time to time.”


One woman who a to grant said: “Even I felt and , I’m so glad I did.”

is that will to RABI again: “We’re not here to judge, we’re here to walk you and help make your load a – that’s with , grant or with other to a of . RABI want all to know you’re never alone.”

If you or you know could from to a , is . The first step is to call RABI’s free, 24/7 on 0800 188 4444. is also via RABI’s free :

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